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RV-Able: Don’t Back Up!

The English language is full of expressions that have more than one application.   To back up – along with its many forms – is one of them.  For example, as in my last post, backed up is a euphemism for excrement that is not following the protocols of natural processing […]

Raccoon Capers

I recognized the thump that had startled me as I was settling down to sleep:  it was the unmistakable sound of something trying to get into the outside waste receptacle. Damn, I cursed aloud, I forgot about the garbage. The day had been spent in celebration of a granddaughter’s fifth […]

Brief Notes

Dear Parents, Sorry I didn’t always do things in the way (or order) you thought I should, but quite frankly, your screwups made me seriously doubt your wisdom, and besides, what could I ever hope to learn from conformity? p.s.  I hope I turned out alright in your eyes.   […]

Lunch Bag Letdown

Some stories just beg telling and this is one of them. I knew there would be trouble the minute I laid eyes on the gold lame’ lunch bag my husband plopped on the counter in front of me.  My old one, an industrial blue hardware store model, had drowned the […]

Brotherly Reunion

My mother birthed six children through the course of two marriages; her first husband, father of the original four, married a woman who also had four children, so we are a family of full, half, step and out-of-step children.  Fifteen years separate the oldest and youngest, and as the second […]

Cutie Duck

“Did you know that I am a big sister?” three-and-a-half-year-old Sloane is quick to offer to anyone she comes into contact with. If asked her sister’s name, she quickly replies:  “I call her Cutie Duck”. Small for her age, Sloane has wispy, white blonde hair, big brown eyes, and talks […]