Friday Follies

No idea. You?

For Proscenium’s Friday Follies


“Duck under the table and see what you can find,” was Father’s pat answer to the question of what was for dessert.

He was like that: quick-witted and full of comebacks.  My husband is the same, and I compound the problem by walking into it every time:

“What have you got on tomorrow?” I’ll ask, innocently enough, to which he’ll inevitably respond:

“Shorts and a T-shirt.”

The trouble with this kind of humour is that it is never obsolete – the jokes are corny and usually elicit a moan rather than a chuckle, but they are also catchy and when the kids ask:  “What are you up to?”  I can’t help myself and reply:


(These groans are brought to you by the daily prompts of obsolete (Daily Addictions), compound (Fandango), and duck (Ragtag Community).  Have a few zingers of your own?  Leave them in the comments and I’ll promise not to laugh.)

Punctuation, Anyone?

I am contemplating the importance of punctuation when writing poetry.
Please be advised that I am not an expert – either of the period or the poetic form –
just a woman, who having stumbled upon the possibility of penning a word or two,
has found herself questioning (which definitely needs a question mark, doesn’t it?)

Blogging has opened so many possibilities: some, who like me, seem to fall back on conventional uses and others, who choose to ignore punctuation at all; and I am second guessing myself.

Does the end of a line of poetry infer pause, or is a comma useful?  Do semi-colons even have a place in verse, or are they reserved for the monotony of prose.  Dashes, quotations marks, italics – all surely deserve a place.(?)th-2

Am I mired in the muck of high school grammar, missing out on true freedom of expression, or; is punctation the punch that adds meaning to my dribble?

What do you think?