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Blogs I Count On

Every morning, I open my email to find a slew of new messages indicating that my fellow bloggers have been busy.  Typically, I scroll through and prioritize.  These are a few of my must reads: Soul Gatherings is my first go-to place.  Theresa offers a dose of daily inspiration served […]

Four Posts That Inspired Me Today

Thought I’d share four posts that helped kick-start my day: Dr. Andrea Dinardo’s blog Thriving Under Pressure offers inspiration for daily living.  Today’s post asks the question:  Are you left brain or right brain dominant?  Take a quiz to determine where you stand, and watch an inspiring video by Jill […]

Thoughts on Service

Let me offer a few thoughts that were first planted in me by a Religious Studies teacher at university: If we were meant only to serve ourselves, we would all be born as islands. Love cannot exist where there is power over, however; love exists for all when we serve […]

“When Breath Becomes air” Review

Just as Paul Kalanithi’s future looked bright, cancer struck.  As a doctor (neurosurgeon) he knew all too well what he was about to face, and guided by his oncologist, had to make difficult life choices.  Kalanithi bravely decided to commit his journey to paper, offering an inside glimpse of illness […]

Tale of Kidnapping Inspirational

Amanda Lindhout, along with Sara Corbett, has written a riveting tale of her kidnapping and captivity during a trip to Somalia. I first became interested in Lindhout’s story when I caught a glimpse of an interview on a television program.  How, I wondered, does someone survive such a horrendous experience? […]