The excitement of travel, friends visiting, and the overabundance of photo opportunities has left me exhausted.  Yesterday was the first day in four that I ventured outside briefly.  So much for intentionally practicing peace.

I feel a bit like a dog chasing its own tail – so much I want to do and see, yet the harder I try, the further I get from achieving anything.  

So I am ending this week at the same place I began it:  focusing on conscious intent.  

Breathe, be grounded in the moment, appreciate all that is; rest.  A mantra for now.

Thank you all for your thoughtful, and diverse takes on this week’s challenge.  Here is a rundown of participants with links to their creative entries:


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See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

A Decision

 Despite flash flood warnings the rain has subsided without too much fuss.  We are waiting on the arrival of friends from back home, and having tidied up, I decide to take advantage of the break in weather and put my camera to use.

I step outside just in time to see a cormorant swim by.  Startled at my sudden appearance, he flies off.  Farther up the canal, a heron is stalking, and as I look the other way, another heron has just successfully made a catch.  The sun, having broken through the clouds, darkens my picture, but it’s a good moment all the same.

A cardinal sings from an overhead wire and an osprey eyes the waterway from another perch.  I cannot believe how fortunate we have been in finding this place.  We have decided to stay.

There is no question that Arizona is good for my health, but I have to believe that living in this close proximity to the ocean will also be healing, in its own way.  Anyway, it’s been decided.  We will not be able to keep our lovely spot backing onto the canal, but we won’t move too far from it.

Our friends arrive and we go out for a lunch and a tour of the area before returning home.  A heron has claimed the hunting ground behind our home, and looks like an ancient warrior as we drive up.  

The sun, having also decided to stay , is now edging towards dark.  The presence of our cameras disturbs our friend and he wades away, into the now fiery canal.  

I linger here, at the water’s edge and give thanks for the blessing of this moment, and this place.  Honouring my pledge to act with intent this week, I am making a choice to enhance inner peace.

(The focus of my weekly challenge is intent.)

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #27: Intent

Last year, when we travelled, I was so sick that all I could think about was survival.  Over and over again I told my husband that I could not guarantee my participation in much, hoping he would not be disappointed.  

The experience blew me away.  It also renewed my energy and promoted healing. 

This year, I travel with the knowledge of how powerful this adventure can be, and I want to navigate it with more mindful intent.  While healing is still (and always) a goal, I recognize in our travels the opportunity to reconnect with something much larger – a part of me that I set aside years ago.

Back in Salem, Illinois, at the first rest stop marking our transition from winter to warmth, I walked amongst nature’s beauty and remembered a chant/song I once practiced:

Mother I feel you under my feet,
Mother I hear your heartbeat,
Mother I see you when the eagle flies,
Mother please take me higher.  *

To connect with something greater than myself, to know Spirit through nature, to be at peace.  This is the intent I set for myself this week – a beginning.

Be mindful this week of the intent behind your actions and interactions.  I wish you all a great week, and look forward to your responses.

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(*Source unknown.  I learned this from one of my mentors, Emmagene.)