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“The Sound of Glass” Entertaining

Karen White’s The Sound of Glass is an entertaining read, or in my case, listen.  While many of the messages put forth are cliché, the storyline provides adequate twists to keep the reader engaged. A recently widowed Merritt finds herself inheriting a stately Southern home from a Grandmother she never […]

Morton’s “The Lake House” Masterful

Kate Morton has mastered the art of writing a timeless novel:  a compelling setting,  well-developed characters, the weaving together of unforgettable storylines, and flawless description.  The Lake House is a delicious read, the kind of book you don’t want to put down. The Lake House centers around a beautiful estate abandoned […]

“Principles To Live By” Indeed!

David Adams Richards likes to drag his readers in out of scenarios, sometimes repeating ideas, until they are hooked into his masterful weave.  He demonstrates that life is made up of incestuous circles, and that not all are as ‘principled’ as they would like to think. Principles To Live By […]