Early Morning Recharge

The dogs stir at the first hint of daylight. I rise with them, grumbling about lack of sleep, until the sun emerges full and bright – something we haven’t seen in awhile.

“I used to be a morning person,” I say out loud. I’m am feeling the unrest of being shut in.

Ric emerges just after 7:00 am and I’m tell him I’m thinking about taking the camera out.

I drive to the centre of town, where the main street bridge crosses the river. Immediately, I spot an unfamiliar shape at the water’s edge.

Back at home, I research and find this is a Yellow Legs, although not sure whether is a Lesser or Greater. Apparently, they migrate through here.

Further down the river a pair of Mallards hover over their newborns. The shadow of an eagle passing overhead sends the family scurrying for cover.

The air is still wintry cold, but my heart is warmed by the beauty of the day. At the end of the outing, I will have encountered many different species of birds, heralding the start of warmer days. With over 400 photos to process, I am bursting with renewed energy.

Thank goodness, I didn’t just go back to bed.

Gratitude for my Attitude

There is an old train trestle in town, that traverses the river just above the falls. In 1999, townspeople banded together to create a walking trail where the old line extended through the city. It affords spectacular views. It is also not easily accessed by those like myself with mobility issues.

But I am determined.

I asked everyone I know. Some said they have petitioned the city to make it more accessible, some have pointed out different ways to enter the trail, and one neighbour even offered me his motorized scooter.

Then I noticed someone in a wheelchair up on the bridge and knew there must be a way.

I drove to all the trailheads, attempted different approaches, and then…

I finally found it. A way in.

The walk challenged every one of my muscles, and a couple of times I had to push panic aside. It was so worth it!

The stroll back to the car was slow, punctuated with many stops, and all the while, I felt grateful for this spirit of mine that refuses to give up.

One Angle At A Time

So many aspects of our little town make it intriguing, and while my focus has been on the natural areas, I am also drawn to the architecture and history, so one angle at a time, I’ve decided to start exploring each element.

Photos of St Marys, Ontario, Canada, submitted for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: angles.

A Trip To the Beach

As the temperature rises we are drawn to nearby shores, for a patio lunch overlooking the water.

Merely observers now – the sun a threat to aging skin, and the sand too difficult to navigate – we are content to people watch.

Impossible to capture the entirety of our view in one shot, so I settle instead for the details.

A trio of boats just off shore:

Beachgoers gathered beneath a tree:

An antique car and driver cruising by:

Satiated with good food and a satisfying view, we journey home, my camera buzzing.

(For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: details. The beach depicted is at Goderich, Ontario, Canada.)

Blessing of Serenity

Settling in a small town, especially a senior’s community, is not something I would have ever envisioned, and yet; here we are.

Funny how life works like that, and thank goodness it does. I appreciate this place that we have landed more and more each day.

It has not been without difficulty, this move away from the city. One daughter balked that we would choose to distant ourselves from grandchildren. Another worried that I would be okay should anything happened to Ric.

There is always resistant to change. As the children have made time to visit, they too are coming to love what makes this place unique.

It’s the little things that fill our hearts with gratitude. Here, away from the noise and bustle of the city, my heart finds fulfillment.

(Thursdays, I have committed to expressing gratitude. I’m also linking this up with Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: serenity.)