Freshly picked wishes
a bundle of encouragement –
immunity boost!

(For Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge.)

Mother Willow

Twisted arms, Willow’s
welcome – cross child’s refuge,
Mother Nature’s balm.

There is magic in a Willow’s presence – so many hours spent, hidden in her arms as a child. Even today, the sight of a willow pulls on my heart. Just one of Nature’s many blessings.

(For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: trees; and RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge: twisted & cross.)

Together a Tapestry

Across the miles, our words
convene, threads of our lives
intertwining to form a tapestry.

Stories of sorrow and kindness,
humanity restored –
of observation and empathy
of inspiration through resonance
of brilliance and artistry.

Each thread as colourful
as another, delicately added,
thoughtful ponderings

Of generations and legacies,
contributing to tragedy,
of infatuation and love’s fallacy,
of childhood and noses in books
and entanglements leading
to ultimate change…

How vivid the imagery,
how poignant the messages
how loss creates heartfelt connection,
and youth’s folly succumbs to sorrow
and how darkness, deeply felt
surrenders to soul’s magnitude.

We come together across the miles
our words, like threads guiding us,
love our searchlight, higher ground
our common goal –
together, as a tapestry.


It’s been a week of stories – some fabricated, some told in images, some deeply moving. Reading back through them, I was inspired to write the above, borrowing from the essence of each and sometimes even extracting words.

Thank you to all for contributing. Your presence here fills my week and my heart. If you haven’t already visited the rest of the community, please take a moment to drop by:

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #23: Character

It’s a funny thing, character, the way it brands people
as they age rising from within to leave its scar
– Kate Morton, The Distant Hours

The school board I worked for introduced an initiative to promote character education in the classroom.  Acceptance, caring, honesty, respect, empathy, perseverance, and responsibility were among the traits targeted.  At the start of each week, I would introduce a character trait and then weave it through the lessons, offering students an opportunity to apply and learn.  Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it was like hitting my head against a brick wall.  It led me to question how character is developed.

In literature, a character is established and demonstrated one of four ways:

  1. through dialogue – what the character says
  2. through their thoughts – what they don’t say
  3. through their actions
  4. by what others say about them

Could we apply this same process to people?  Impossible, of course, to know what anyone is thinking, but the summation of words plus actions plus how a person is perceived surely makes up character.

Kate Morton’s line from The Distant Hours struck me enough to write it down.  The idea that character can rise up and “leave its scar” made me ponder.  I thought immediately of an old aunt of mine, long deceased.  A crusty individual who saw the world in terms of black and white, and yet who in her older years revealed herself as rather grey.

Much to think about this week, and I can’t wait to see what you come up.

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with one more quotation:


To Participate:

  1.  Create a blog post on your own site or leave a contribution in the comments below.
  2. Tag your post with VJWC
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  4. Read and comment on other contributions.

Sacrifice’s Wrap Up

Up until August 1st of this year, my husband and I lived in motor home for a year, having travelled across North America for six of those months.  It was a drastic change of lifestyle for us, and an incredible journey.

As with all change, it required certain sacrifices.  We let go of our bricks and sticks home, and our worldly possessions (save what we could carry with us) and bid farewell to all that was familiar, including friends and family.

Today, we reconnected with old friends, and what started as afternoon visit over tea, spilled over to dinner and into the evening.  There is a lot to catch up on after so much lapsed time.

Thus the lateness of this blog post.

When I set the focus for this weekly challenge, I had not realized that it would coincide with Remembrance Day.  Graciously, it did, and this was reflected in many of the postings this week, although some spoke of the generosity of others, the willingness to sacrifice all for love, the losses inadvertently suffered by victims of childhood abuse, and the value of learning to give selflessly.

I feel blessed to be part of such a thoughtful and inspired community.

Contributors this week include:



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Culture Shocks

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Stuff and what if…

Thank you all for your input.

See you tomorrow morning for a new challenge!


No Stopping the River

The first rule in interpreting dream messages, is to recognize that the meaning of a symbol varies with personal experience.  This is why dream dictionaries are ineffective.  This week’s responses to the river prompt clearly demonstrate this principle.

For me, I have always envisioned the collective unconscious as a river whose flow encompasses all – past, present, and yes, future.  It is this belief that inspired my poem, The River, written at time when illness had cut me off from life as I had known it, and left me feeling isolated and afraid.

For Proscenium, and Jazz* of Steps and Pauses, the river is a reminder of the power of nature, as endless rainfall and flooding have infiltrated their lives.

For Middleton Road, and Willow Poetry it is a feeling of home – the magic of the sun setting or the river lit up at night.

For Choosingmyperspectives, one letter UP, and Stuff and what if…, the river carries memories of younger days.

Lifelessons recognizes those for whom the river is a way of life, and Culture Shock reveals how the river can be a means of escape and danger.

Sgoeil and Charmed Chaos speak to the possibilities presented by the river.

Of course, like most symbols, we have only scratched the surface of possible meanings.   It has been a rich and meaningful week and I thank you all for your contributions.

See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

*To view Jazz’s comments, visit the original post.