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Out, Damn Guilt, Out

“You’re the only help I have right now, Mom!  I just feel like I’m not a priority for you.” “When you spend all your energy on the kids, I feel as if there is never any left over for me.  I just get the dregs.” “It would be really nice […]

Who Am I, If Not Responsible?

This pedestal of responsibility has elevated me, out of reach, out of touch, lumps together children, mate, mother sister… Caregiver extraordinaire, present overcrowded by obligations, am unwell, off topic, fed up, surely… I am other abled, have room for more, non martyr related, hesitant to plan, my purpose for being […]

Patterns of Expectancy

I have noticed recently that many of my dreams begin innocently enough and then end in panic, with the need to call for help.  Recently, for example, I dreamt that I was shopping with two of my best friends from high school, and, as we would back then, we were […]