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RV-Able: Jay Invasion

Our time on the Rio Grande is winding down, as is my energy, so we decided our last outing would be a mini-bus tour originating at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge touring the Bahia Grande unit. We had visited Atascosa the week before, but it was too cold, and my legs […]

RV-Able: South Padre Island

Our first visit to South Padre was windy and cold – 4 degrees celsius.  I stepped out of the car to photograph the ocean and soon popped back into the warmth.   Our winter coats were safely packed and stored under the bus, as we lovingly call our motor home. So […]

RV-Able: Boca Chica II

Boca Chica is a an expanse of sandy beach where the Gulf meets the Rio Grande, and Texas meets Mexico.  It is the last stop, past the border guard post, and is a protected natural area.  Apart from a few fishermen, we were the only ones on the beach. By […]

RV-Able: Down Time

Hubby and I just woke up after a twelve hour sleep.  Unheard of for him, a blessing for me.  Both of us were beyond tired yesterday. The weather here is only five degrees celsius, so we slept with our mattress heaters on and hunkered in under the covers. Cozy. This […]

RV-Able: Misses and Gains

FaceTime, phone calls and videos exchanged cannot replace in-person chats and hugs, especially when the recipients are grandchildren.  I miss chasing eighteen-month-old Auggie around the house, or cuddling with Sloane to “watch something”, or exploring the million why’s of Finn.  I miss my grown children, family and friends whom I […]

RV-Able: Loving San Antonio

“No guarantee about this RV park,” Ric said as we pulled off the highway and entered the spaghetti bowl of roadways into San Antonio. Bit by bit we moved off the main thoroughfares onto city streets, and as we did the landscape changed drastically.  Abandoned buildings with overgrown lots popped […]

RV-Able: Memphis Blues

The ‘misspent’ years of my youth were dedicated to sneaking into blues bars, underage, to catch the soulful music of Muddy Waters, Downchild Blues Band, and even B.B. King himself.  I was hooked on blues, so the thought of visiting Memphis thrilled me.  Beale Street was top of my list […]

RV-Able: Texas, Day One

“Is there a good place to eat around here?  And how about a grocery store?” “Just up the road is the town.  There is one Bar-b-que place, but it will be closed up by now – they sell out fast.” It was 3:00 p.m. “How about Mexican?” “There are five […]

RV-Able: The Fear Factor

“Don’t you get scared?” Yes and no, I think.  Many things frighten me:  a decline in my health, the loss of my spouse, something happening to one of my family members while I’m so far away from home.   This is not what my mother is referring to, though.  At 90, […]

RV-Able: Don’t Back Up!

The English language is full of expressions that have more than one application.   To back up – along with its many forms – is one of them.  For example, as in my last post, backed up is a euphemism for excrement that is not following the protocols of natural processing […]