Leaving Ottawa

stone artCanada’s capital city has lots to offer.  Before leaving we took the scenic drive along the Rideau, stopping in at the various parks and places of note to take pictures.  At the Remic Rapids, Muskoka chairs line the grassy banks, overlooking rock sculptures in the water.  Apparently, artist John Felice Ceprano has been creating these figures since 1986.

library clock, carvingsOf course, no trip to Ottawa would be complete without a visit to the Parliament buildings.  As one of our clan works for the liberals, she arranged to give us a private tour.  The buildings are currently under restoration, which was clearly visible, but the majesty of the place still shone.  Marble floors and archways, floor to ceiling portraits, stained-glass windows, and elaborate woodworking make the Parliament a place of art and history.

The plan after leaving Ottawa was to drive north to Algonquin Park and then back to Muskoka to visit with friends, but at our first pit stop my left leg decided to stop working.  I’d been having trouble with muscle spasms and weakness since we arrived, and now my body was giving out.  Ric made the call to return home.  I am grateful that he did.  Home is the best place to be for recuperation.

Besides, I have many photographs to sort through, and blog posts to make, which works well with my feet up, so all is good.

CB&WC: Sculptures, Statues, and Carvings

These children (featured image) gracing the local park in Chandler, Arizona are an amazing work of art.

statueingarden sepia












This tree-like figure joined other sculptures gracing these gardens. Taken in the area of Phoenix Arizona, although I have now forgotten where exactly.

birdcarving bw

This bird, carved of wood, stands guard in front of Fogg Dukkers Coffee shop (featured here).

PtalberniBench bw

A magnificent bench sculpture offers seating on the water front in Port Alberni, British Columbia.

(Thanks for the challenge, Cee!)