Inspired by the Seasons

Flowers are such an inspiring subject for creativity, likely due to their willingness to stand still. I continue to work with my photographs to create interesting designs. This is a quick and shameless reveal of recent works.

Peachy Roses Mug at Society6

These roses are from my garden. Roses connect me to my maternal Grandmother, who loved them and always smelled of rosewater.

Dust of Rose Trinket @
  • I gave these white roses a dusting of pink to create this elegant pattern. Zazzle has a line of gift ware as well as many other products.
Leaves Surrender to Autumn Hues @ Redbubble

In celebration of Fall colours, I’ve created this red on gold pattern. Art board pictured.

Thanks for humouring me.

For more, check out KnutsonKr8tions at

KnutsonKreations at

KnutsonKreations at

Murphy’s Got My Number

Imagine my excitement when I opened an advertisement from Society6 to see one of my designs featured in the Mother’s Day email! Being featured is the coveted position we product-on-demand artists dream about. I shrieked with joy, and then…

…realized that of the 100 designs we have up on our site, this is one I discontinued. WTF?

“How can this be?” I moaned to Ric.

“Murphy’s Law.”

Murphy is a sadist. Just saying. I re-loaded the design, but of course it didn’t link up to the ad. No doubt someone reported that the image led nowhere, because Society6 has dropped it from the ad.


(To see more works – I promise they are active – visit us at KnutsonKreations.)

Print On Demand Experience So Far

We received our first payment from Society6 in the amount of $42.80. Society6 holds back funds for up to two months, allotting for any returns. Redbubble pays once a month, and does not hold back earnings. Our first payment from them was for $10.70. Thank you to all who made purchases. We hope you are enjoying your unique products.

Most of our return on sales has come from own purchases, as we continue to monitor product quality and compare items between the two shops.

For example: I purchased this hardcover journal with a Mother’s Day wish for my mom from Redbubble. The quality is good, although the journal is relatively small; perfect, though for Mom’s notes – addresses and phone numbers, appointments, etc. Hardcover journals are $27.17 (Can) and come in one size. Spiral journals are also available. Two or more journals purchased are 15 % off.

We also purchased a small, soft covered journal from Society6 for one of our daughters. Comparable in size to the Redbubble hardcover, this journal is well-constructed and very pleasing. She intends to use it to record her dreams. The small notebook is regularly $14.99 (USD). Society6 journals come in 2 sizes and bundles of three for a discount.

Important for customers to note, is that both sites frequently offer discounts, so if there is something you are eyeing, wait for the sale.

While both Society6 and Redbubble promote artists’ work through Print on Demand services, they are really very different entities. Society6 offers consistently high quality products with an emphasis on home decor – bath and bedding, furniture, wallpaper, and rugs. Keeping current with their product offerings appears to be important, as sheer and black out curtains, and fanny packs have been added since we started.

Redbubble offers more in the way of apparel including children’s T-shirts and onesies. Rumours are that skateboards are coming. Redbubble also allows artists more flexibility in applying designs to products. Individual shops can create their own blog or journal posts, and ongoing challenges encourage group participant, inspiring growth and creativity.

It’s been exciting to see some of our designs featured in Redbubble ads. Society6 leaves the marketing primarily up to the individual artist, unless you are one of their top sellers.

Overall, the Print on Demand system has been more than satisfactory. We continue to come up with new designs and I am looking forward to offering some of my watercolour work soon.

If you haven’t dropped by recently, do check out our new lines. At Society6 we are KnutsonKreations, with currently just under 100 designs, and at Redbubble we are KnutsonKr8tions. While there is some overlap between the two sites in terms of designs, I am trying to keep the overall feel separate.

Spring Means Flowers

It also means that winter, for the most part, is behind us, and for these snowbirds, it is time to go home.

Here in Texas, wildflowers are popping up along the roadside in shades of neon orange, purple, white, and yellow.

I have been busy photographing and editing the images to create new designs.

I have also been inspired to revisit photos from last spring. The featured image is one of Ric’s and was taken at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. last April. Daffodils are such a symbol of renewal and hope!

I love how this version of the daffodil image turned out. It makes for stunning home accent pieces.

Here two more floral designs that have popped up in our shops.

To see the full line of Spring florals visit us at KnutsonKreations (Society6) or KnutsonKr8tions (Redbubble).

Shopping Saturday

I promised I wouldn’t inundate this site with our new adventure, however, the thrill of seeing my own designs on products merits sharing.

Trouble is, I want to buy everything. So far, we’ve purchased a mug, a tote bag, a carry-all pouch, leggings and a t-shirt. We’re pleased with the quality of products, and can safely say the images on the site are true to colour.

When my youngest turned two, I applied for a part-time job at a local dress boutique. I wanted to get out of the house, and hoped to earn some extra income. If you’ve worked retail, you know where this is going – most of my pay checks just covered my purchases.

Now imagine being able to acquire products bearing designs you’ve created! Have to put things on hold till we’ve made a few more sales, Ric keeps reminding me, but he’s just as bad.

For two years, I’ve been amassing photos, and playing with the images to create art. Now that art is coming to life!

Five years ago, I was forced to give up my career. During that time, getting better was my number one priority. Opening to my creative side has a been a big part of the journey. Constantly, I have asked the question: What can I do? It feels like that question has been answered.


(Note: To see more products and reviews, visit the KnutsonKreations page.)

Artist’s Promotion

Today is the day for 25% of any purchase from KnutsonKreations plus free worldwide shipping!

Check out our latest designs. Follow the menu on the left side of the site to see different products and applications.

To see our newest designs, change the search to NEW. Here is the latest:

Offer ends Thursday at midnight.

Thanks all!

(Note: This is my first time attempting a promotion, so there may be glitches. Please let me know.

Also: In order to maintain the integrity of my blog, I will not be posting sales here in the future, other than footnotes. Instead, I will add a new page to the site where you can find out about products and news concerning our Society6 account.)

A New Chapter

I dreamt it a year ago, and with the help of my husband and the support of my much more tech savvy kids, this new chapter of our life has come to fruition.

I remember an animated breakfast conversation after that initial dream, last March. (A dear friend of mine and I were selling gifts with images and poems on them).

“Like poetry to go,” I told Ric who immediately warmed up to the idea. “We could include your photography!”

How to do it was the challenge, until one daughter suggested we look into Society6.

“They sell quality products featuring artists’ images,” she said.

I read about it and was overwhelmed; we’re not techies.

“I don’t think this will work for us,” I told Ric.

Then, last week, in an inspired moment of stubbornness, I decided to write to the company.  

I don’t now if your service would work for me… I began.

The response was swift and helpful and with the guidance provided, we now have our own virtual store, hosted by Society6: KnutsonKreations.

It’s been a whirlwind of readying material, uploading images, deciding on products and determining how to market them. We are very green, but have over three dozen designs currently on offer, with many more awaiting our attention.

Of course, it’s a huge learning curve, which is why I would be honoured if you could take the time to drop by the site and leave feedback or comment below.

Naturally, we immediately ordered product, and I’m happy to say the images are true to what is depicted on the site. I’m wearing the lizard leggings as I type (got lots of razzing about this design from the kids), and Ric is sipping from a 15 oz mug with his Caribbean Wave image.

All the images depicted in this post are also available in many different formats, from framed art to journals, apparel, home decor or giftware. If there is something that catches your eye, Society6 is offering an artist promotion as of Tuesday, February the 19th through Thursday, midnight. The offer includes 25% off plus free worldwide shipping. I’ll post a link at the start of the promotion.

Thanks to all who have encouraged me in this process. I am buzzing with renewed purpose.