Spring Serves As Reminder

Even the old flower –
this appearance of decrepitude
merely camouflage
for the soul is eternal
reaches for renewal
and at every opportunity

(For Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge: Spring.)

Delicately Opening

Closed signs turn cautiously
trepidation persists –
are openings wise at this time?

Spring ignores man’s conflicts
delicately asserts her voice
delivers a message of renewal

A reminder to all hearts to set aside worry
open anew to the wonders around us –
all else will fall in place in its own time.

(For A Photo A Week Challenge: opening; and Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: delicate colours.)

West Perth Wetlands

Spring is such a rich season for photography. Wildlife flirts, blossoms sing, and the air alternates between moist and sunny.

As serene as this scene appears, birds are singing, bees are buzzing in prolific numbers, and the mosquitoes are having a feast. Still, I linger, hunting for the source of that one song that thrills me.

The Canada Geese appear to be having a bit of a domestic, while a mother duck herds her young through the cover of reeds.

A splash alerts to me the presence of a mammal – a beaver, I think.

And then, high up in tree, I spot the source of my delight:

A Baltimore Oriole!

Another glorious morning in backroads Ontario.

Country Roads Bliss

Every road leading out of our small town offers a view of rural Ontario. Exploring them, one by one, has been my bliss.

We are never far from water, with two rivers nearby, and many ponds, creeks, and other features.

Wildlife is abundant, and with every new outing, we discover something different. Above is an Indigo Bunting. Not the best pic – I was too excited to hold still – but worth searching for again.

We are never in a hurry, so giving way to the local farmers is a privilege.

Discovery, nature, birds….these are among my favourite things.

(For Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge: favourite things.)

Oh Baby!

What a fun season to be photographing! Babies everywhere.

These are more of the ducklings I featured last week. The one on the right thought he’d try walking in the shallow water. Duck feet, he discovered, are awkward on land. Not sure if this dip was intentional – looked more like a face plant – but at least he came out of it with a snack.

Up the road, the new foals are stilling sticking close to their mothers. So sweet!

Featured image is a tree swallow, waiting for Mom to return with food.

Hope your day is filled with cuteness, too!

(Note: a watercolour version of the two ducklings is available is available in my shops. Check the ‘shop’ page for more information.)

Two Ducklings



Mom, Mom, Mom…

Spring means babies! This cute little robin didn’t know enough to run away. His mother, on the other side of me, had her mouth full and couldn’t quite call out.

Needless to say they were both okay.

I found this happy grouping at the river’s edge. Just watching this busy Mom made me tired. Can’t you hear all those little duckling voices: “Mom, Mom, Mom!”

Home Again

Day one of trying out the new protocols for maximizing energy. Turned off all screens at ten last night, and was asleep before eleven.

This morning, I dressed quickly and headed out the door by 7:30. The sun was already up and birds were flitting all about. Ice on the windshield meant I had to wait for the car to defrost. Couldn’t help but wonder if this was folly.

Cardinals, goldfinches, and red-winged blackbirds sang and flitted amongst the trees, just now getting their spring buds. We’ve returned home in time to welcome in this glorious season.

I drove a few blocks to the central attraction of our village – the Little Falls. Just beyond the falls is a park, and I slowly drove the circular path, stopping at a few points by the river to watch the birds.

A Canada Goose was loudly proclaiming her presence. Not sure if she was just cold, or telling off her mate who was grooming on the shore.

Further upstream, two ducks were gliding along. Without a breeze the river formed a mirror for the trees and houses lining its banks.

I parked near the falls and got out to take a few pictures. The falls, usually teeming with birds, were quiet this morning. Across the way, I noted a woodpecker, and heard the distinct song of the cardinal. A robin pecked at the ground.

Standing on the walkway, overlooking the intersection where our two rivers connect, I felt a sense of renewal.

It was nice to get away for the winter, and it is also nice to be home. I am excited to see what the season will present.

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #43: Rain

Raindrops, not tears,
blur my vision –
the line of trees before me
a glistening blur.
The pounding in my temples
is just the steady rhythm
of watery drip, drip, drip,
not the incessant roar
of my blood pounding –
discordant is this day.

I wrote this piece while stranded in Mississippi, with eighteen hours of driving still ahead of us, and no idea when we might resume our trip. The car had been towed to the shop and the RV mechanic had not yet shown up. Rain began pummelling down early in the morning, and showed no sign of letting up.

As we all know, rain does stop, and circumstances change, and so, hopefully, by the time you read this, I am safe and dry in our home, the incidence all but forgotten.

April is, according to lore, the month of showers, washing away the old and watering the new.

What does rain mean to you? Show me in photographs, tell me in poems or prose, or any other creative means of expression.

Look forward to your responses.

Unsure how to proceed? Just drop me a line below.