Lens-Artists: Splash!

Imagine the courage –
to flow freely –
make a splash!

undaunted by outer noise –
neither rush, nor gush –
totally unabashed

Afraid I’d have to reset time,
go back to simpler days –
undo this lived crash.

(Submitted to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Splash, and V.J.’s weekly challenge: un-lived lives.)

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #25: Un-lived Lives

I met one of my un-lived lives at a party last night” is the title of a post on bone&silver’s blog.   I loved this post, and idea, so much I decided to make it the focus of my challenge this week.

How precarious are our lives, or are they pre-charted?  Does destiny hold all the keys, or does free will determine outcomes?  And who would I be if…..?

Come on…don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it?  This week let’s have fun with the possibilities – be outrageous, be descriptive, dare to imagine…and then…like bone&silver…let reality bring us back.

Here’s a film trailer for “Sliding Doors” to get your creative juices flowing:

Look forward to your responses.

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