Still Waiting

“The doctor suggests you wait it out as long as you can, before stopping the medication,” the receptionist says when I call about the itchy rash all over my face.

I know that the culprit has been making a difference, and yet the discomfort of an allergic reaction is not fun.

The uncertainty about my medical issues is causing me to lose faith in my own intuitive process. Seems my body and I are out of sync. What I do know is that I can be impatient – rail against the process – or, I can surrender to the inconvenience and practice mindful waiting.

So, I am reminding myself to breathe through the stress, and I have even started talking to my body again, inviting calm, negotiating communication.

To wait without angst, I’m realizing, is to trust the process.


This week’s focus has been ‘wait’ and the responses have been varied, inspiring, and creative. Thanks to all who contributed:

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See yo tomorrow for a new challenge!

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #71: wait

I’m sitting in the passenger seat of our parked car, waiting while Ric runs in to pick up a few groceries. This is our normal routine. He shops; I wait.

Confession: I am not good at waiting. I have this compulsive need to fill each minute of the day with productivity. So I thumb through Twitter, make lists, or look for my next great photographic capture.

Put the kettle on. I tidy the kitchen.

Filling the sink. I check emails.

Why, I ask myself, can’t I just be in the moment. What am I afraid will happen?

The idle mind is the devils’ playground, my Father drilled into us. Isn’t it also true that good things come to those who wait?

Am I even making sense here?

Explore with me, if you will, the concept of waiting. Of course, this has more than one meaning, but I’m sure you’ll figure out which works for you.

Look forward to your responses.