What Is In a Name?

A touch of history, a personal insight, a vision – all of these form the basis for how we have chosen to name our blogs.

Reading the back stories has made this one of my favourite challenges. Each of us has put thought and care into finding names, an act that speaks of our dedication to blogging.

I have no clever poem, or words of wisdom to end this week with, other than to say read the treasures that have been posted here, if you haven’t already.

How blessed we are to have found one another.


Heart to heart

Pictures without film.

Stuff and what if…

Willow Poetry


Sweet aroma

Abandoned Amenities

Wind Rush

one letter UP


bushboys world

The Where’s George Project

Thank you all for sharing, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning with another challenge.

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #38: What’s In a Name?

As I type up each week’s summary, creating links to various blogs, I am struck by how different blog names are, and compelled to ask: what’s in a name? Specifically, your blog name.

Mine, One Woman’s Quest, comes from a lifetime of searching for knowledge, understanding, and deeper connection. Left mostly to my own devices, I learned early to turn to a higher power and ask questions. I understood that God answers through signs, omens, and messengers, and that it was up to me to decode the response. I never once doubted a divine presence, and I felt compelled to find a path that aligned me with that greater will.

My quests have led me to higher education, and to study esoteric schools of thought. I have travelled many different paths, often non-traditional, and gathered a wealth of experience.

And still, I quest. A statement that no doubt will carry me to my grave.

So now you know.

What’s in your blog’s name?

(Note: even if there is no deep, hidden meaning, I challenge you to make one up – surprise us all.)

If you are new here, please join in. Just create a post in response to the challenge, and link it up to this one.

Look forward to your responses.