RV-Able: Hot Springs Spa & BBQ

What I love about my husband is that he is a planner.   Post Memphis, he had arranged for us to spend a few nights in Hot Springs, Arkansas, noted for its healing baths and spas.  His timing was impeccable.

RVers.jpgWe arrived on a Monday, and unfortunately one of the popular spa houses was closed the next day, so I did a little research and found Living Wellness Day Spa, who could fit both of in for a couple’s massage.  Courtney and Candy performed the 90 minute massage that incorporated essential oils, hot stones, and wonderful heated towel wraps.  The spa is located in the owners home, and the atmosphere is lovely and tranquil.

The commercial area of Hot Springs runs along of strip of roadway and offers many restaurants and shops, making it easy to get around.  The old part of town is well preserved and if we hadn’t been turned into marshmallows at Living Wellness, we might have wandered a bit, but instead decided to return to the RV Park and sleep it off.

The topography of the area is beautiful, with hills and waterways.  In mid-November the trees were turning colours and we felt like we were back in the Muskokas in Ontario, Canada.  Our RV park, Catherine’s Landing, was set in the national park and had trails and waterfront to explore.  Fairly new, all amenities here were clean and inviting.

TillThey GoneOn our last day, I suggested that the guide books had indicated a restaurant worth checking out, and so with the aid of GPS we headed to McClard’s Bar-B-Q.  As forewarned, there was a bit of a wait to get in, but the charm of the place made it all worthwhile.  I ordered the recommended rib & fry platter, with a few tweaks thanks to the waiter’s advice.  Ric ordered ribs, potato salad and beans.  The servings were enormous, and there was no possible way we could eat it all, but just as promised the ribs were meaty and tender.  We took home some of their dry rub and a big doggie bag.  Unfortunately, Ric’s lunch didn’t sit well, which is opposite to how our dining experiences go:  I was just fine.Southin Mouth

I would stop by Hot Springs again, and definitely pay another visit to Living Wellness Day Spa.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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