CB&WC: Circles

Must have been hungry when thinking of this prompt, because my mind went to bowls, brimming with vegetable curry – so yummy.

Or that marvellous Mediterranean gluten free pizza I had at the Mill Street Pub in Ottawa.

gf mediterranean pizza bw

Now, I’ve made you hungry, for which I apologize.  Maybe this circle of trees, taken at our campsite on Vancouver Island, will help distract you.

circleoftrees bw

Happy Weekend all!

(Cee’s Black & White challenge is circles and curves.)



RV-Able: Into Arizona

Arizona.pngIt was a five hour drive from Las Cruces to Tucson, and I was still feeling the disappointment of a too-short stay in New Mexico, so when we pulled into the Crazy Horse RV Park, I was none too pleased.

Located at the end of a narrow row of RVs, the office was backed up with new registrants causing us to park our rig in everyone’s way.  As it was evident we would have trouble maneuvering through this tight park, we unhooked the truck and I followed around to the site, where we barely fit.

“Good thing it’s only overnight.” Ric reminded me.  “I won’t tell you how much it costs.”

Apparently, complete with our scenic view of the dumpsters, this was the most expensive park so far.  Tut tut, Tucson!

AZviewWe did manage to have a superb dinner in an old-fashioned steak house:  The Silver Saddle.  Ric’s steak was cooked to perfection and my (gluten-free) BBQ chicken was amazing.

Stopping in Tucson helped cut our journey to Apache Junction down to two hours, so we arrived at our next destination around noon.  Finally, we have caught up with warm weather and clear, blue skies.  This park sits at the base of Superstition Mountain, and has many activities to keep us busy.


Handlebar'sOn the advice of the office staff, we found a sweet outdoor patio with great food to celebrate Ric’s birthday.  The Handlebar Pub and Grill has many gluten-free options and no deep-fried foods.  Heaven!  I had a Chicken Panini with kale slaw, and Ric had a mushroom and swiss burger he says is to die for.

Need to clean the travel dust off the bus and get unpacked before we can do anymore adventuring.  Stay tuned.




Memorable Meals

“I still think that Dover sole I had on the last cruise was the best I’ve had yet, how he prepared it in front of me in the lemon and oil sauce.  It was to die for; I was hoping my fish the other night was going to be the same.”

“That was on the Celebrity.”

“Yes.  I can’t remember fish tasting that delicious. It was in the French dining room, I think.”

Ric and I are having a late lunch at the Olive Garden.  No longer available in Canada, the Olive Garden is a bit of a legend at home.  We love their garden salads, but other than that, I am limited in what I can eat due to food allergies.  Ric can partake of most menu items and today is having a seafood ravioli in a rich cream sauce.

“What are your memorable meals?” I ask him.

“Not this,” he says, indicating his plate.

th-2“No! I’m talking about the ones that stay with you the food is so good.  Like those tacos I had in St. Augustine’s.”

“Where was that?”

“Cantino Louis.  Maybe what you had wasn’t memorable?”  I don’t recall what he had, but I had Surfer Chick tacos, with chicken, pineapple and Sirachi sauce.  So good.

“The steak I had in Edmonton at a place called Oliver’s,” Ric moans.  “Now that was to die for.  I had a pretty good meal in Vancouver at the Boathouse when I was out there too.”

“Then there was that place in Seattle.  Ginger something.”

“Wild Ginger! Oh my God that was good.”  We went there twice in our short visit.

“I remember the first time I had Thai food in a tiny, hole-in-the-wall place in Toronto.  It was so good, those flavours lingered on in my memory for a long time.”

th-3We reminisce over fresh feta and olives in Greece, a mushroom linguine I had in Rome (pre-gluten-free era), and a wonderful lunch on a cliff top overlooking the ocean in Dubrovnik.

Ric and I eat out a lot.  It is a solution, albeit naughty, to the chasm that is our differing palates.  He likes red meat and seafood, I can eat neither of those.  I like curries and vegetarian dishes, preferring Mexican or Thai.  It’s not often that both our tastes are met by a single restaurant and typically we eat in Vegan or vegetarian restaurants only about once a year, so mostly, I take what I can get – usually food that lacks imagination.

Maybe that is why I hang onto those memorable dining experiences.

In the upcoming months we are headed to New Mexico, Arizona, and the west coast on up to Vancouver Island.  I wonder what delights await us.

Tell me about your best experiences dining out, and if you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

RV-Able: Hot Springs Spa & BBQ

What I love about my husband is that he is a planner.   Post Memphis, he had arranged for us to spend a few nights in Hot Springs, Arkansas, noted for its healing baths and spas.  His timing was impeccable.

RVers.jpgWe arrived on a Monday, and unfortunately one of the popular spa houses was closed the next day, so I did a little research and found Living Wellness Day Spa, who could fit both of in for a couple’s massage.  Courtney and Candy performed the 90 minute massage that incorporated essential oils, hot stones, and wonderful heated towel wraps.  The spa is located in the owners home, and the atmosphere is lovely and tranquil.

The commercial area of Hot Springs runs along of strip of roadway and offers many restaurants and shops, making it easy to get around.  The old part of town is well preserved and if we hadn’t been turned into marshmallows at Living Wellness, we might have wandered a bit, but instead decided to return to the RV Park and sleep it off.

The topography of the area is beautiful, with hills and waterways.  In mid-November the trees were turning colours and we felt like we were back in the Muskokas in Ontario, Canada.  Our RV park, Catherine’s Landing, was set in the national park and had trails and waterfront to explore.  Fairly new, all amenities here were clean and inviting.

TillThey GoneOn our last day, I suggested that the guide books had indicated a restaurant worth checking out, and so with the aid of GPS we headed to McClard’s Bar-B-Q.  As forewarned, there was a bit of a wait to get in, but the charm of the place made it all worthwhile.  I ordered the recommended rib & fry platter, with a few tweaks thanks to the waiter’s advice.  Ric ordered ribs, potato salad and beans.  The servings were enormous, and there was no possible way we could eat it all, but just as promised the ribs were meaty and tender.  We took home some of their dry rub and a big doggie bag.  Unfortunately, Ric’s lunch didn’t sit well, which is opposite to how our dining experiences go:  I was just fine.Southin Mouth

I would stop by Hot Springs again, and definitely pay another visit to Living Wellness Day Spa.