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RV-Able: For The Birds

It’s been abnormally cold in Texas, and so we’ve devoted a few days to finishing up the interior painting we started last summer.  (Yes, procrastination defines us.)  Yesterday, the temperatures were back up in the double digits, so we set out on the golf cart and toured the property looking for birds.



Just a few streets over, we came upon a crowd of people and this man with two cockatoo on his shoulders.  His wife said they rescue birds, and that normally cockatoo are cuddly, but these two are apparently skittish due to abuse.  They did like to put on a good show though, and seemed to thrive on the attention of the crowd.


GreatBlueThis Great Blue Heron was standing majestically in the river across from us, a sole soldier on what was still seasonally cool.  I had to check my guidebook to make sure this was a Great Blue, because he looked a little furrier than the ones I’ve seen at home.  Apparently the fluffed up plumage indicates a breeding adult.


LoggerheadShrike2Leaving the property and scouring the nearby golf course, we drove along an orchard where there was lots of bird activity, and also, lots of cover.  I did manage to catch a good pic of this Loggerhead Shrike and a sweet little red-headed bird, who I haven’t identified just yet. (Check out the feature image.)


GreatEgretHunt.pngAnd finally, just as we were ready to give up, we spotted this Great Egret on the hunt.  I managed to catch him red-handed.

I guess I can safely say that at least some of 2017 has been for the birds.

Happy New Year all!

(Today’s Daily Post prompt is finally.)




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