RV-Able: Boca Chica II

Boca Chica is a an expanse of sandy beach where the Gulf meets the Rio Grande, and Texas meets Mexico.  It is the last stop, past the border guard post, and is a protected natural area.  Apart from a few fishermen, we were the only ones on the beach.

SanderlingwaterBy the time we reached the beach, I was starting to tire, so luckily, we were able to drive the stretch in our vehicle.  There were a number of gulls and terns, as would be expected, and a gathering of some interesting water birds, such as Avocets, Black Skimmers, and White Pelicans.   Again, our chauffeur and guide knew each species and was very informative about the markings, leg colours, and so on, which is how one bird is often differentiated from another.

CuteWilletI particularly loved the little Sanderlings, whose legs are in constant motion, moving them rapidly across the sand and through the surf.  They reminded me of toddlers with endless energy.

We saw a Reddish Egret, found only in saltwater, and a pair of Willets.  I managed to capture this Willet face on, her stance as graceful as a ballerina.

Great Blue Herons stood like guards on the dunes approaching the beach, the one pictured stretching its neck with pride.  I was intrigued by the birds belly markings, which I’d never noticed before.


A Ruddy Turnstone was our last sighting before we decided to head back.  While they are common to the area, they are not something we see at home and another example of nature’s artistry.

Tri-colouredHeronOn the way home, we took one more detour, to a small pond where we spotted a Tricolored Heron, a Snowy Egret, and a flock of Roseate Spoonbills.  Beautiful.

Two days later, and I am still recovering, but my mind is full of so many amazing images. There were so many pictures I missed at the end, unable to hold the camera up any longer.   I’m checking off the boxes of birds I’ve seen, and there are so many more.

Tomorrow, all going well, we’re off to South Padre Island.

(Feature image is a Long-billed Curlew).


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

2 thoughts on “RV-Able: Boca Chica II

  1. OOO, how I’d love to have been along! One Thanksgiving I watched sanderlings at length on South Padre and have been wanting to get back now for a couple of years with my better camera. They don’t stay still for poses! I was fascinated with the way they swooped and moved together, a collective energy!

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