The Alice Network: a Worthy Read

Charlie’s cousin Rose has disappeared, and refusing to believe she is dead, Charlie sets out to retrace Rose’s steps.  Her investigation brings her to the door of Eve Gardner, a cranky woman, with deformed hands, a clear drinking problem, and a luger.  Together, with the help of a Scotsman, with a shady past, the three head to post-war France to find Rose, and settle a grudge that Eve has been nursing since the first world war.

Based on the real life adventures of a network of female spies, Kate Quinn has penned an intriguing and suspenseful story of life on the front lines as fought in the establishments that played host to the Nazi’s during the occupation.

The Alice Network weaves together two stories, told through the perspective of each heroine:  the plight of the unwed and pregnant Charlie, and the heroic life of Eve.  The audio book version is effectively narrated by Saskia Maarleveld.  The characters are interesting and the story line offers just enough suspense to keep the reader engaged.

This book is suitable for book clubs, or those looking for a light summer read, with a historical flavouring.

The Alice Network was published by HarperCollins, June 6, 2017.

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