Kettle Point

Lake Huron ShoreThe shores of Lake Huron hold many memories for both Ric and I.  He grew up in a small community just outside of Sarnia, Ontario, where the Bluewater Bridge crosses over to Port Huron, Michigan.  My family spent many summers cottaging in the area, and my parents retired to the lake.

KettleLake Huron is said to have some of the best sunsets in the world.  It is also home to Kettle Point, an area so named for the large rock formations found in the waters there.  I have memories of climbing and fishing off the rocks as a youngster.

Ric says there only a few areas in the world where these formations occur.

In the past few years, water levels have been too high for the kettles to be visible, but a few have strayed onto shore where they can be examined.  A small area has been designated as parkland, and as it is atop a hill, it makes a good viewing point.

Lake Huron sailWe couldn’t have picked a nicer day to visit.  The recent humidity has broken and the sky is clear blue.

“Someone spilled paint in the water,” I say as we drive up.

“Decent of them,” Ric replies.

We haven’t explored much recently, too busy with house plans and doctor appointments, and generally catching up.  It feels good to set all that aside for a bit.

It is late afternoon when we arrive and the sun casts a shimmer across the water.  It is fairly calm, and the lap, lap of the water on the rocks is mesmerizing.  Ric finds a bench and I wander, photographing the shoreline, the kettles, a monarch butterfly that has died at the side of the road, its beautiful wings still intact.  A heart-shaped rock reminds me of a granddaughter, who loves all things rock-related, and I take a picture of it, but forget to pick it up for her.

Marsh KettleJust beyond the point, there is a marsh area, and I wander that way, watching birds weave in and out of the long grasses.  Something jumps into the water near my feet, and I’m pretty sure it’s a frog, but I can’t find him.  The place is alive with the sounds of summer.

A little further along, two people paddle boats, and beyond them a sail stands erect on the horizon.  I stop where several other boats are docked.  Simple boats these.  Likely used for fishing, a popular activity in the area.  This area is part of the Kettle & Stony Point Reservation, and fish can be purchased from many of the local fisherman all along the way.

stillnessThe sun drops to eye level, and I can no longer see well enough to take pictures so we drive off following the lake for some distance.

On the way home we pass fields lush with this season’s crops.  Ontario, I reflect, is rich with offerings.


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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