V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #70: alien

“I’ve never seen anything like this!”

I’m at the doctor’s again. It’s a followup visit with the specialist to verify the new treatment is working. It is working…sort of…except for the large, red welts on my face.

“Leave it to me,” I respond. “Always presenting teaching material.”

“Yes, well, I have no students anymore, so you can cut it out.”

Seriously, though, I can see she is concerned. She writes on my chart: hyper-sensitive and underlines and stars it.

“Oh, and headaches too. I wake up with them.”

She shakes her head and adds that to the report.

I like this doctor. She is a problem-solver, and I can tell by her expression she is not willing to give up.

She goes back to my chart and asks more questions about my history.

“Pick up a new prescription on your way out. I’m going to book another test, and see you back in three months.”

“You’re wonderful!” I tell her as she exits the room.

As I dress, I think about all the times doctors have told me I’m an enigma, or that my condition is rare, or that they have no idea, and that’s when it occurs to me. Maybe, I am not human.

Maybe, I’m an alien.


Of course, I say this in jest, but given that it’s Hallowe’en soon, and the supernatural is in the air, I thought this might make a fun prompt.

Take it where you will.

Look forward to your responses!

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

39 thoughts on “V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #70: alien

      1. I had a problem commenting on someone’s post this morning too, and I had scheduled that post to publish early this morning and it didn’t publish, so maybe WP is having a problem…. I’m glad to hear the OMT worked for you. I found it significantly improved my pain levels when I was having it regularly before. I’m glad I’ve gotten started with my new doctor now – she’s great.

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