Trash The Script…Please!

“There’s a sit-com in here somewhere,” I tell a friend, relaying how our week has gone.

“Except no one would believe it,” she retorts.

She could be right. I don’t even want to write it here: all seems so beyond the realm of possibility.

Ric and I have found a rhythm. I look after his needs, and the dogs, and rest when I can. Midweek I hit a wall, and gladly accepted the offer of a dinner delivery from a dear friend.

She arrived just after five, just after I had fed the dogs, and when I opened the door to receive her, twenty-four pounds of fur darted between her legs and were gone. I knew where they were going – after that feral cat that had been taunting them earlier.

We circled the house, calling their names, to no avail. They had disappeared.

Someone found them, down the trail that runs behind our house.

Dogs retrieved, we settled down to eat. That’s when the text came:

Mom had a fall. Her blood pressure is low and she’s very tired. They are thinking of sending her to emerge.

Mom opted to stay home, get some rest. The staff in the long term care facility said they’d check on her through the night.

6:00 am: Mom’s had a massive heart attack. The doctor wants us to make a decision about how to proceed.

Covid meant none of us could be with her. The hospital did let my sister stand outside the room and watch the proceedings through the glass. We’d agreed that at 93, Mom didn’t need any invasive procedures. Just make her comfortable, we instructed.

Mom came through it. She’s still in the Cardiac Care Unit, but yesterday they weaned her off oxygen and removed the IV. She was up and walking.

“You’re like the cat that keeps coming back,” I told her.

“Guess it’s not my time,” she laughed.

I felt as if I could breathe again. Mom’s okay, Ric’s on the mend, I finally slept.

Except life doesn’t have pat endings like sit-coms do. This message just appeared on my FaceBook account:

You don’t know me, but one of your dogs bit me while I was jogging on the trail…..


The challenge this week was : except, a prompt that certainly led me in many directions. The responses, also, were widely diverse, each one interesting. Thanks to all who participated, and please have a read of any you might have missed. Thanks also to all who left messages of encouragement. It means a lot.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with a new challenge!

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

39 thoughts on “Trash The Script…Please!

  1. I was a bit shocked to read about all your mishaps, V. J. 😦 Wonderful pic of Ric convalescing to health. Your mother’s recovery is amazing. Watch out for the dogs at the door. Once they get a taste of freedom, they might likely try again. Lucky the bite wasn’t worse or the police could have been involved. May peace find you this week. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh my goodness VJ! It sounds like you’ve had quite a week. I’m so glad to hear that your Mom is up and around again. I hope she continues to do well. Ric looks like he’s starting to get around on those crutches. I hope his recovery goes smoothly and that things settle down for you. It’s amazing how when things happen, they seem to happen in bunches, isn’t it? Maybe you’ll have a week of peace and quiet this week since last week was so hectic….

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  3. Wow! Too much going on! I am glad Ric is on the mend and your mom pulled through. Seems the person that got bitten by your dog would have given more information. Sending hugs to you and yours.

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  4. Oh, VJ – toooo much all at once. Bless you for spinning it into sequence for absorption.
    So glad your mom’s pulling through!
    So distressed to see Ric on crutches – I’m behind in my reading!
    Both distressing and amusing that your dogs are connecting you with neighbors – hope that turns into friendship.
    Take care – wishing you a calm week ahead.

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    1. Thank Jazz. Mom is amazing at 93. Ric had surgery to reconstruct a knee replacement – he’s on the path to recovery. I don’t know what to think about the dogs. I’m sure being free was overstimulating.

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    1. Thanks Liz. Mom is home now. Still weak and a little nervous, but amazingly better. The FB message is true. It was our sweet Toby who is a poodle/ Havanese cross. I don’t know what to make of this, to be honest.

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      1. I’m glad to hear that your mom is home now. That must be a relief. What has me scratching my head is why someone would post such a message on FaceBook if he knows who owns the dog who purportedly bit him. Very strange.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes. He didn’t break skin, but the man said he had bruising. The dog got him on both calves. Our Toby does nip when he gets overexcited, which we have curtailled at home. The man just wanted me to know.

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