VJ’s Weekly Challenge #125: heartwarming

Mom, having survived three heart attacks, is now back in her nursing home under quarantine. Not that we can see her anyway; everything is back in lockdown. But there is a loophole. Two essential workers, meeting the Provincial criteria and having been cleared by a COVID test, can visit. My sister applied as she lives nearby and is able to help out. My son volunteered to be the second.

I got my approval! he messaged the family. Going to visit tonight. Don’t tell her though…I want to surprise her…gently.

Jay, a burly man of thirty-three, is 6’3″, heavily bearded with a bush of wild, dark hair. He’s happiest covered with sawdust in his workshop, or defying gravity on his skateboard.

He’s agreed to get her iPad working, set up her Christmas tree, rearrange the room for her, and one more thing…

…she want her nails painted red to match her Christmas outfit.

What colour red do I buy? he texted his sister. “Do I need to buy topcoat too?”

Naturally, she shared the text with the rest of us and we all gushed.

Oh, and don’t worry, she added, he’s been practicing on his wife.


My heart is thoroughly warmed by son’s thoughtfulness. Let’s share heartwarming stories this week. Looking forward to your posts. All welcome.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

56 thoughts on “VJ’s Weekly Challenge #125: heartwarming

      1. I am fine. Thanks for asking. I have been following your blog but just figured out how to comment. I miss you at the poetry circle but am glad to read your pieces and the blog writers who respond to your challenges. Stay safe😷

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