The twins went to school…for a day. Mom and I celebrated with lunch out, except then one got sick and so only one boy got on the school bus while the other lingered home, and when he was finally feeling better, the other 4-year-old came down with a cold. Of course, the first day we got them both back to kindergarten, I fell ill.

Inevitable, I hear you saying.

Then my computer died. Black screen dead. All my files stored on the desktop, as I never did figure out documents or dropbox, so now I have to change every password, and crawl over my husband’s presets (I have commandeered his laptop).

On the positive side, the mother of our Ukrainian guests has found a job and started yesterday. Now both parents are working. It is progress.

Ric and I are hosting a family of five, forced to leave their home due to war. It is our second family since May. We admire the resiliency and grit of these people – learning a new language, decoding an alien culture, focused on a better life. We’ve learned a lot over these times – the need for healthy boundaries, the awareness that we are not the managers of the world, and that nurturing independence is a far better gift than growing dependency.

Anyway, that’s my week. Hope yours is going well.

(Image my own)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

18 thoughts on “Uh…Okay?!

  1. Good luck with your computer woes. I can identify! And now that I’m onto my new setup I need to figure out a file backup system … always something!

    Great wisdom in your closing “nurturing independence is a far better gift than growing dependency” – on teeny scales as well as huge ones like helping Ukraine families transition. [Again, bravo for what you and Ric are doing!]

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  2. That sounds like a good week for the new family – full of ordinary concerns and celebrations. Your health and the computer is a different story. I hope you get that back in order soon and that you feel better! Your art is amazing. How did you achieve that effect?

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