RV-Able: Into Arizona

Arizona.pngIt was a five hour drive from Las Cruces to Tucson, and I was still feeling the disappointment of a too-short stay in New Mexico, so when we pulled into the Crazy Horse RV Park, I was none too pleased.

Located at the end of a narrow row of RVs, the office was backed up with new registrants causing us to park our rig in everyone’s way.  As it was evident we would have trouble maneuvering through this tight park, we unhooked the truck and I followed around to the site, where we barely fit.

“Good thing it’s only overnight.” Ric reminded me.  “I won’t tell you how much it costs.”

Apparently, complete with our scenic view of the dumpsters, this was the most expensive park so far.  Tut tut, Tucson!

AZviewWe did manage to have a superb dinner in an old-fashioned steak house:  The Silver Saddle.  Ric’s steak was cooked to perfection and my (gluten-free) BBQ chicken was amazing.

Stopping in Tucson helped cut our journey to Apache Junction down to two hours, so we arrived at our next destination around noon.  Finally, we have caught up with warm weather and clear, blue skies.  This park sits at the base of Superstition Mountain, and has many activities to keep us busy.


Handlebar'sOn the advice of the office staff, we found a sweet outdoor patio with great food to celebrate Ric’s birthday.  The Handlebar Pub and Grill has many gluten-free options and no deep-fried foods.  Heaven!  I had a Chicken Panini with kale slaw, and Ric had a mushroom and swiss burger he says is to die for.

Need to clean the travel dust off the bus and get unpacked before we can do anymore adventuring.  Stay tuned.




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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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