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Just Tell Me I’m Not Cute

Never understood it when Dad called me cheeky as a kid, although I always recognized a tone of approval.   Then I saw it in my own children: that look of sheer defiance that melted my heart every time. This photo of our youngest granddaughter exemplifies the epitome of cheekiness, don’t […]

A 5-year-old Muses

“Grandma, do you drive?” “No, Love, not right now.?” “But you can drive, right?  Do you have a license…actually, what is a license?” “It’s a little piece of paper that says you’ve passed your driving test.” We’re snuggled into bed for the night, the second of a two-night sleepover.  She […]

RV-Able: First Impressions of the USA

I have to confess that post-election, I have been afraid of what is happening in my neighbouring country – rallies and rhetoric, protests, and a president-elect who seems more prepared for battle than for harbouring peace.  Doubts about the safety of travelling in the States at this time have crossed […]

The Other Side of the Fence

The longest my family ever lived in one place was when I was aged four to eleven.  We lived in a house, built by my father, with a fortress of cedars on either side of the backyard to “keep out nosy neighbours”.  Behind was a farmer’s field and beyond a […]

Dreams Compensate

In dreams, I walk, no concern for the distance.  I ride a bicycle, or drive a car.  I move with purpose and direction… …until lucidity snaps me back to reality and then I plummet into the despair of knowing these are no longer options for me. In dreams, I confront […]

Ninety and Counting

“You better be having a party for me!” Mother told me leading up to Christmas.  Her 90th birthday was fast approaching.  “No one in my family has ever made it this far.” So, we planned a party.  My daughters jumped on board, rented a room, arranged caterers and we called […]


Spas are meant to be luxurious: relaxation sublime.   My daughter planned on it when she booked us into a top-rated facility for a morning of pampering. My daughter doesn’t have mobility issues.  It wasn’t her inner bitch that threatened to spoil the day. Should have known there’d be a problem […]

“Getting Our Lives Back”

The documentary, Getting Our Lives Back offers an inside look at the Fibromyalgia spectrum.  It is UK-based, and the drug they talk about I do not recognize, but the number of people affected and the descriptions offered are universal. There is a lot of confusion about the name of this […]

Baatis and Chinese Food

“These Christmases never cease to amaze me and make me feel so special!!” messaged our daughter-in-law after this year’s family get together. With five adult children, their partners, grandchildren, and exes to work around, finding time to get together is always a challenge.  Plus, just how many turkey dinners can […]