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Dreaming of Book Exchanges

I’ve lived an eclectic life – dabbled in many careers, moved often, married three times – been more of a follow-the-tides type person than a focused goal-setter. The dreams I had as a child were shattered by the nonsense that was my family of origin, and the ensuing drama that […]

“Are You Brother and Sister?”

“Are you guys brother and sister?”  the question came from our soon-to-be five-year-old granddaughter.  Dropped off by her mother for an overnight stay, we had a day of cousins and uncles and aunts, and of course, Grandma and Grandpa. I brushed off her comment with a:  “No, we’re married”, but […]

Creativity or Insanity?

My oldest brother is a talented musician, who has been composing and recording works in his own studio for years. “I just can’t write lyrics worth a damn,” he once told me during a visit. “I write poetry,” I offered, “but have no musical aptitude.” “We should put your words […]

Learn From My Mistakes: Relationships

Wrote a prescription for the perfect man: made him tall, strong, romantic, dependable, family oriented; told myself I was ready. Projected expectations onto the first likely candidate – single dad, three full-time kids – read desire in his brooding eyes, ignored the burden of his grief, the irrational speed at […]

On The Subject Of Beauty

From the time I was preteen, I was obsessed with drawing the same cartoon over and over; the first illustration showed the shapely backside of a long-haired temptress, and the next frame revealed the fact that the things are not as they appear – a woman with a monstrously ugly […]

A Case for Noncompliance

I heard the ping of the text while I was in the doctor’s office – assumed it was a response from the message I had sent out earlier to my daughters – and chose to ignore it.  I did the same when my phone vibrated a few seconds later to […]

What Is It About Hands?

I’ve been dreaming of hands lately – a single hand emerging from a pile of debris, or appearing around a corner – and it’s got me thinking about them.  Why hands? I made a list of all the ways we use hand in our language:  a hand up, helping hand, […]

See It From Disability’s Side

If you’ve ever wondered what living with a disability feels like, imagine this:  Judgment is your constant companion.  Family, friends, and even total strangers will suddenly feel entitled to express opinions about your condition, lack of trying, mental attitude, the latest trends in healing, and so on.  You may be […]

Educational Walls

I have this recurring dream that I am teaching a class, composed of adults and adolescents, which is spread out over three rooms.  Try as I might to build community through ice breaking activities, it is physically impossible to reach all the students at one time. I am reminded of […]

“When Breath Becomes air” Review

Just as Paul Kalanithi’s future looked bright, cancer struck.  As a doctor (neurosurgeon) he knew all too well what he was about to face, and guided by his oncologist, had to make difficult life choices.  Kalanithi bravely decided to commit his journey to paper, offering an inside glimpse of illness […]