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RV-Able: The Fear Factor

“Don’t you get scared?” Yes and no, I think.  Many things frighten me:  a decline in my health, the loss of my spouse, something happening to one of my family members while I’m so far away from home.   This is not what my mother is referring to, though.  At 90, […]

RV-Able: Don’t Back Up!

The English language is full of expressions that have more than one application.   To back up – along with its many forms – is one of them.  For example, as in my last post, backed up is a euphemism for excrement that is not following the protocols of natural processing […]

RV-Able: A Question of Wellness

“I had lunch with some of your old colleagues yesterday and we were talking about you.” Never a good start to a conversation when your relationship to the mentioned parties ended the day you stopped working. “Oh, who?” The people mentioned are acquaintances, only one actually worked with me and […]

RV-Able: Flexibility Required

“I’d like to be on the road by 10:00 am,” Ric told me the night before our five and half month stay at the beach trailer park ended.  “There are high wind warnings for tomorrow afternoon, so we should be at our destination before they hit.” I had pushed myself […]

Stumbling Start

“How do you feel about everything that is happening?”  my therapist asked me, last visit.  “Good,”  I responded, without hesitation.  “I feel as if I’m breaking down barriers:  embracing life and possibility, despite my illness.” Yesterday, I promised to rest, but there were boxes in the way, and nowhere to […]

RV-Able: Discovering New Life

“I feel like we’re on the edge of a whole new life,” I tell my husband as we cruise through the Santa Rosa Conservation area, nothing but white sand dunes and water on either side of us.   “I feel it too.  I just want to keep on going.” It’s our […]

RV-Able: The Adventure Begins

One day and forty-five minutes late, we are off on our new adventure.  It is still dark outside and the temperature is minus seven Celcius.  This is the first time I’ve been in the passengers seat and I am high up. The delay happened because Ric decided to have a […]

Trial Run

Eight days in – each day a new adventure. Our two year plan to retirement includes winding down my husband’s business, selling off all our home and furnishings, and hitting the road in the 40′ RV we just purchased.  Never having owned an RV before, we thought it would be […]

It’s Happening!

We have done it!  Bought and paid for: A 40+ foot, diesel pushing, home on wheels, whom I affectionately call:  Hoo Gnu. If you knew me at all, you might be a little shocked (see the post RV Kidding?) It was late last night when we got it set up, […]