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What Does It Take To Belong?

We roll into our new neighbourhood cautiously guided by an old-timer, who after we finally manage to maneuver into our RV site, introduces himself as Graham. “Been here since the park first opened,”  he beams and then proceeds to point to each of the other trailers and run down who’s […]

The Nature of the Beast

Tale as old as time, True as it can be, Barely even friends, Then somebody bends, Unexpectedly I awaken every morning with a song playing in my head, like an internal radio that self tunes.  Typically, it is a line or two which follows me throughout my day:  a personal […]

Illness and Isolation

Prolonged illness almost always equates to isolation. Initially, kindness reveals itself through visits from friends and coworkers, meals dropped off, and many offers to help in any way.  Not yet adjusted to my rapidly changing situation, I was overwhelmed and somewhat embarrassed by such an outpouring, having always considered myself […]

Things Are Looking Up

Had my third Ozonotherapy last week, and apart from feeling flushed and slightly dizzy afterwards (I then realized I was likely dehydrated) I have felt increasingly stronger.  “Or is it that you have a new granddaughter?” my husband likes to play Devil’s Advocate. Having a new grandchild is definitely an […]