Snow mocks schedules –
compromises plans

Leaves icy fingers to taunt
paints the world anew.

For Lens-Artists Photo a Week Challenge: cold.


A groundhog waits for this photographer to move on.

Not sure what this guy is waiting for, but I feel as if I can relate.

(For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: waiting)

Stay Away

I follow GPS, in search of river trails, and find a road blocked off. Curious, I park the car and carefully step through the overgrowth to the place where a bridge once carried traffic over the river. Strange the absence of passage, the neglect.

A rocky embankment houses creeping vines, and the weavings of a local eight-legged resident. I back away.

The charm of some places invite exploration. Creepy just says “stay away”.

(For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: creepy.)


I vowed I wouldn’t show photos of people on screens for this challenge, but then I couldn’t resist the serious look of these two cousins ” Just watching something, Grandma.”

A family walk is much more satisfying – at least from my perspective. Then I caught this fellow and I couldn’t help but sneak a photo – purely jealousy driving my actions.

Lens-Artists Challenge this week is candid.