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Life Is Like This

Biting, the sun’s brilliance – set against a cornflower blue sky – competes with the mustard gold, tangerine orange and chartreuse leaves, shimmering in the breeze the vividness of colours, too sharp for just awakened eyes, begs retreat. I contemplate what I have witnessed, think life is like this: too […]

Set Standards, Not Expectations

Father worked six days a week, and with the exception of Saturday, was gone from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.  Sundays were reserved for family day:  usually church, visiting, and a formal dinner.  He could be fun at times, but typically he was tyrannical – angry and critical – calling […]

Life Lesson Rant

I get that this illness thing may be part of higher learning; a divinely inspired gift to awaken my soul, but really? My resume is already humongous – I am over-animated with life experiences.  Okay, okay, so we are co-creators, make life choices, must be engaged in the process, but […]

No Sailing At The Moment

I am learning to live in the moment, a lesson imposed by chronic illness.  No use regretting yesterday’s actions or inactions, and no point fretting about or planning the future.  What I know, is that there are moments of time, fleeting intervals that pass, some with profound relevance, some seemingly […]