Building a Foundation (with help from

  1.  Choose the type of foundation to build.  I want a foundation strong enough to carry me through hard times, yet flexible and able to adapt in the moment.  Something sustaining, and solid, but not rigid.  
  2. Set your footings 2 feet across.   Two feet on the ground, firmly planted, well balanced, not alone, but interdependent, both partaking and contributing.  I like it.
  3. Align the 2″ wide x 10″ long boards to build the forms of your footing – each principle has equal weight – well measured and cut (considered).  Time tested.  Strength and consistency.  Imagine that.
  4. Square and level the form not sure I’m comfortable with square, nor level (never could walk or think a straight line). I prefer flee-flowing.  Can I live with square, or is it too confining?  There is fear in that for me.
  5. Make your concrete.  Concrete is composed of fine and course materials – the grit of faith and the rocks formed from experience – bound together with cement.  My glue is willingness and determination.  Too much water will result in concrete, too little with will make the cement unworkable.  So I need to balance fluidity (emotional or mystical) with common sense.  Makes sense.  Balance is good.
  6. Make your concrete foundation.  Blend the contents and pour into the desired, preset frame.  So this is why the form is necessary.  A foundation without edges would neither hold nor serve.
  7. Finish your concrete.  Smooth the surface with a rake or trowel to achieve the desired effect.  Be satisfied with the finish, assured that what you have chosen will hold and support your constructs for year to come.

(V.J.’s challenge this week is foundation.  Thought I’d have a little fun by comparing the actual construction of a foundation with forming a metaphorical one. provided instructions in blue. Also submitted for Fandango’s One Word Challenge – balance.  Featured image is a photo and haiku by yours truly.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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