Red: A Welcome Sight

For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: red.

Red Barn

Why are barns red? I looked it up and found something about colourblind cows and rust.

Not that I’m objecting. I like red barns. They are actually quite attractive.

Red Barn was the name of the fast-food restaurant that one of the mother’s at my elementary school used to take us to on Fridays. Greasy fries in paper bags and burgers with pickles and ketchup. Sure beat the tuna sandwich my mom packed everyday.

Anyway, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is red, so you can blame her for the rambling.


What tugs on heartstrings more
than a child’s tiny red shoe?

Maybe a regal resting post
accented in such a rich hue.

red bed for Belle.jpg

Red, when applied to architecture
creates a classic facade – such class

Red building Manotick.jpg

Some instances, such as blushing, or rash,
render this fiery colour a pain in the ___


(Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is red.)