Victoria, B.C. – An Outing

“Island View Beach is listed as a good area to see birds.”

redbreastedmerganserIt appears there is a break in the rain, and after a few days in bed, I’m anxious to get my camera out and explore a bit.

“According the weather, this is the best day to go.”

So we head out towards Saanich along highway 17 and turn onto Island View Road.  We stop at the first parking lot, and get out.  The beach is long, and much like in La Push, Washington, is littered with logs and driftwood.  We see some waterfowl just off shore and take a few pictures.  There are Eared grebes and the Red Breasted merganser, both funny looking birds with their tufted hairdos.

teteateteGulls flock about as a few people are picnicking despite the chill, and a number of either crows or ravens make their presence known as well.  We walk for a bit, but the sand is too hard for both of us, so we decide to drive further along the beach.

At the end of the drive is another parking lot and what looks like trails leading away from the water.  We decide to follow one and can hear birds, but the brush is so thick, it’s hard to tell where the songs are coming from.  When we come to a bit of a clearing, we see a cluster of small birds foraging on the ground:  the Spotted towhee, which I was hoping to see, a couple of gold-crowned sparrows, and another bird which neither of us are able to identify.

heronflight.pngIn the field to our right, a Great Blue heron lands, and we are able to move quite close to him before he flies away.  Ric caught this amazing pic of the bird as he took off.

We wandered back down by the beach and Ric sat on a nearby bench while I contemplated the water.  My mother had lived in Saanich during the war times, and I wondered what life was like here then.

MeBCcoast“Just a handful of houses,” she told me on the phone before we came.  “Not much, but we made me do.”

From here we drive to Sydney, to check out the ferries, as we’ll be leaving from there on our journey home.  Sydney is touristy, but quaint.  I am ready to get back to bed, so we don’t linger, but I do manage to take a picture of the totem pole that sits atop the city’s sign, welcoming visitors to the area.



4 thoughts on “Victoria, B.C. – An Outing

  1. Accolades to Ric for that heron shot!

    I’ve forgotten – where is “home”? You will be driving across Canada West to East, right? Miles and miles … but you’ve already driven about twice that? Amazing!

    I look forward to your posts along the way – one of my dreams is to spend a summer driving across Canada … guessing much of it is prohibitive in the winter. Years and years back my sister did such a drive and came back raving about the clematis blooms … those keep calling me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! “Home” means visiting the kids, lol. We have seen so much, and there is so much more to see. What a continent we live on! Ric loves the clematis too. I think the heron shot is my favourite.

      Liked by 1 person

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