Under The Weather in Victoria

We’ve been in Victoria, British Columbia for a couple of days now, and while the blossoms are a welcome sight, the weather has been rainy and cold.

Ferryboarding.pngTaking the ferry was quite a feat with 62 feet of rig to load on board, but the Port Angeles staff was very organized and skilled at directing traffic so all went well.  I was hoping that we would spy a whale during the 90 minute crossing, but that didn’t happen.  The day was too grey.

At customs we were pulled over because of the body repairs we had done in California.  I didn’t know that any work done outside of the country is subject to tax, and as our initial bill was quite high, I worried about the additional charge, but after a thorough inspection of our paperwork and a walk through of the coach, they let us go, no charge.


The Fort Victoria RV Park, where we are staying for a week, is just a short drive from the ferries, situated in the View Royal area of Victoria.  The first day we arrived, we went for a late breakfast and then came back for a nap before setting up – we were that tired.

On the second day, we drove to Sooke, on the coast, but I was still not feeling the best, so we didn’t stop to take pics or look around.  Instead we came home and I went to bed while Ric threw together some dinner.  I spent the whole next day in bed too, while Ric went for groceries.

Finn'srestaurant.pngThe next day we went out for a seafood dinner at Finn’s on Wharf street.  The restaurant is divided into a bar area and a narrow dining area that opens onto a patio, overlooking the water.  The building is quite old, and it’s apparent they have tried to maintain much of the original elements, such as the stone wall in the dining side (as pictured in the featured image). To my delight, the chef produced a meal just for me made with salmon, rice, and vegetables, with a side of ginger garlic sauce.  So good.  Ric had salmon with a lobster sauce and mashed potatoes, which he enjoyed.  The bill:  $81.  We are no longer in the U.S.A.

victoriaparliamentThe parking for Finn’s is down by the docks, with three flights of stairs to reach the street level – a bit much for how I’ve been feeling, but I did it anyway.  On the way down, Ric spotted an otter loping between the cars.  We tried to get a photo, but he made a quick escape.

Victoria is a quaint city, and very reminiscent of Great Britain, with its architecture and prim gardens.  Climate wise, it seems to be similar also.

We’re hoping it clears up soon so we can explore a bit more.  Hopefully, I’ll be up to taking more pics.  This last one is a view of the parliament buildings across the parking lot from the restaurant.




12 thoughts on “Under The Weather in Victoria

  1. Welcome home and to the warmest part of Canada. I would linger there as the rest of our country moving east seems to be still embracing winter. I have fond memories of Victoria and the smell of the sea.

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  2. Gotta get back to Canada and order tea! [Confession here – I’ve never even THOUGHT of putting milk or cream into tea … yet I cannot drink coffee w/o such.] I rarely order hot tea at restaurants, because the water is not HOT when it arrives … and there must be some unwritten rule about letting the customer unwrap the teabag …
    Learning something every day … thanks.

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  3. Oooo, wish I could be in Victoria! I celebrated my birthday there in June of 2011, in our little Casita parked among houseboats at the dock. (Bigger Airstream could never have fit there! Next time will check out Ft Victoria RV Park.
    Guessing it feels good to be back in Canada – back to knowing what to expect (mostly)?

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      1. Such a funny thing, but when you ask for tea in Canada, it is assumed you mean “hot” so no surprises when it comes cold. If done properly, it comes in a little pot with boiling water and milk (not lemon) on the side. I gave up on ordering tea in the U.S. as it always came with lukewarm water in a mug and the teabag on the side, no milk in sight.

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