Morrell Nature Sanctuary

trilliums.pngMorrell Nature Sanctuary is just five minutes from where we are staying in Nanaimo, and an earlier attempt to visit was thwarted by heavy rains and Ric’s bad knees, so when Pippy comes to visit next, I suggest we try again.salmonberry

“I just want to make it to the lake,”  I tell her, armed with my camera.

She is game and the weather is cooperative, so we head out.  Typical of me, I have misread the map, and the trail we take swings out beyond the lake.  By the time I realize the error, my legs muscles are tightening and I am beginning to lose balance.  Pippy offers her arm and we slowly make our way back to the entrance where there are picnic tables.

It feels so surreal to be here in this beautiful place with a dear friend, and I am inspired to capture the moment in a poem, written in response to my writing circle’s prompt:  wildflowers.  I share it here with images to enhance the words.

flowersdeskunkMorrell Nature Sanctuary

Rain-infused greens
inspire whimsical thoughts –
surely there are sprites
that play amongst these mossy boughs
make homes beneath the ancient roots
whose twisted tendrils rise and dip
in rhythm to earth’s pulses.

The muddied path pushes back
against my weary legs, invites me
to sit awhile, wonder at the impossible
heights from which birdsong flits across
treetops, pinging back from unseen
distances, unhindered by human progress.


BCslugSalmonberries, newly popped,
herald the seasonal shift,
and I watch as a slug undulates
slowly past, antennae bobbing,
the black spots of its tail reptilian.

Below me, lantern–like blooms
of yellow sprout at a creek’s edge
their pungent aroma carried by
the still chilled vernal breeze.


nuthatchA red-breasted nuthatch scurries
up a neighboring fir, while two
robins flirt playfully on the rainforest
floor, hopping amongst the freshly
flowered trilliums, their white
crowns a regal presence in this
palace of enchantment.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

10 thoughts on “Morrell Nature Sanctuary

  1. What an incredible journey you have been on. I’ve been reading a book called “Haiku Mind” Your postings make me think of something it said in the beginning….practice pausing in the moment…one can tap into the openhearted, awakened awareness of all that is right in front of you. You have shared in this post and in many of your other moments, times of being aware and open to experience what might seem like the littlest of things. In doing so, you see way beyond the seen. Thank you once again for sharing your journey. Travel home safely, my friend.

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