Time to Head Home

FerryviewAfter a month of mostly grey and rain, the sun has decided to show itself today, turning up the thermostat and promising record-breaking temperatures.  Of course it has:  it’s time to leave.

We are packed up and ready to go too early, so I grab a quick nap, anticipating a long day ahead.  The ferry terminal is close by and the transition from land to boat is well orchestrated and we find ourselves having lunch beside a large window at the front of the boat.  We are headed south to Tswwassen, and I am hoping to see a whale.

viewfromferryBCThe ride is two hours, so after lunch I go up to the sun deck and Ric finds a seat where he can nap.  The sun is warm and welcome, although the breeze off the water is still cool, so I’m glad I’ve worn layers.  I slowly walk around the deck, snapping pictures from all directions, scanning the water for wildlife.

The boat ride is smooth, but my legs are not cooperating today, and I stumble a couple of time, so sit for a while, and finally give in and descend a floor to where Ric is sitting. No whales today.

I send a text to the kids to let them know we are on our way.  Our eldest granddaughter sends a message that we can move in with her if we need a place to stay when we get home.  We laugh, and I can tell Ric is missing the kids as much as I am.

WashingtonrouteFrom Tswwassen we have a short drive to the border and then we are in Washington State.  This is a different part of the state than we came up on, but equally as beautiful, with tall evergreens and mountain peaks.  Spring is in full bloom here.

Actually, in Mount Vernon, where we had hoped to spend the night, there is a tulip festival underway and all the campgrounds are booked up.  We end up in a parking lot at the Talulip Resort and Casino, who have free overnight for RVers with a players pass.  Turns out the free parking can get quite expensive.  Talulip has eight restaurants (we eat in the Asian-inspired) and a huge casino.   By 9:00 we are smoky and ready for bed.

WashingtonmtnsThere are no hookups here, so we dry dock, leaving our vehicle hooked up for easy takeoff in the morning.  Tomorrow we head east.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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