Three Seasons, One Day

springgreens.jpgAfter almost six months of journeying, we are on the way back to Ontario. A constant barrage of text messages fly back and forth with loved ones at home.  We are all excited for the reunion.

We still have over 2,500 miles to cross before we get there, though, and many new places to discover.

This morning, we stall our departure, not wanting to be caught up in the Seattle morning rush.  We will bypass Seattle and head south on highway 90.

SnoquamieThe day is clear and promises to warm up, which is very welcome.  Ric, a former skier, has been in this area of Washington before, and wants me to take pics with his phone, so I am juggling cameras.

“Do you think we need to worry about snow today?” Ric asks in response to the many warning signs as we ascend into the mountains.

snowinWASnow covered caps dot the distant views, but I can’t imagine that with these temperatures, we’ll encounter the white stuff.  I would be wrong.  While the roads are clear, up in the ski areas, there is still plenty of snow on the slopes.

It seems we will encounter a range of seasons throughout our drive today – the bright greens of spring, the white of winter, and the full bloom of an early summer.  It makes for an interesting and beautiful trip.

springblossomsRic has mapped out the drive home, and indicated possible stopping points.  My job is to call ahead and see if the RV campgrounds have room for us.  The park he has selected is full, so I need to scout out an alternative, which puts me into panic mode.

I am not familiar with the route, and although Ric has a wide range of apps to help with finding everything from RV parks to gas stations to wind reports, I am not versed in these programs.  He barks orders and my brain freezes up, and then we lose cell service.


sunsettingPascoEventually, demanding that I do it my own way, I find us an RV site in Pasco, Washington, just outside Richland.  While it is a little off the planned route, this turns out to be a nice area.  After getting settled, we have a light dinner and go in search of groceries for the remainder of the trip.  We find a fresh foods market and I am able to get a variety of items suitable for my diet.

We land home just as the sun is setting.  Our second day of travel has had many ups and downs – literally and figuratively.  We are both exhausted.





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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

3 thoughts on “Three Seasons, One Day

  1. Ooooo, the tension that seizes the body when dependent on apps and cell service in unfamiliar territory (whether unfamiliar with geography … or with those #@%##! APPS) … you have my applause for being able to write about this is so civilized a voice.
    Hope the remainder of your trip is more predictable.

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