A Shift Towards Recovery

“Maybe there is a purpose to this struggle,” I say, offhanded, to a visiting friend.

We have just made our way to the edge of the falls, the trek difficult for me today, as my legs are not cooperating. I’m hanging onto her arm for balance.

I’d been telling her about another visit I’d had, the day before. An old friend drove up in a red sports car, her perfectly tanned complexion complimented by white blonde hair, her clothes the latest fashion. She’d been in the area to pick up something for the house – a must have for her decor.

“She’s a kind-hearted soul, would do anything for you, but just can’t find happiness,” I explained.

“I’ve seen your work on-line,” the woman had gushed. “I wish I could find a passion like that.”

I was dumbfounded in the moment by her remark, the obvious differences between her healthy, “able” life, and my chronic battle. But here at the riverside, my arm linked with another, I had a sudden revelation. I do still have something to offer.

Recovery, isn’t about the cure; it’s about the shift in perspective – the ability to find purpose in the midst of struggle, and the willingness to ride out the challenge. It has a lot to do with attitude.

“…and I’ve always had plenty of attitude”, we both laugh, as I pause to snap a few photos.

I don’t have the physical ability to rock the world, nor the energy to make a difference in the ways I used to, but I still have a medium.

Happy to say, I am recovering.


Our focus this week, after a short hiatus, has been “recovery”. It is nice to be back amongst the creative and inspiring community that takes part in my humble challenges.

Proscenium who always makes me laugh
Sealing Wax Notes who, no matter what her incarnation, spurs me on with her humour, intellect, and formidable faith
one letter UP whose stories are like lost treasures found
Stuff and what if… a kindred soul whose words and images always touch me deeply
AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY whose kindness and faith I treasure
Sgeoil whose creativity inspires me to reach higher.

There are others who are absent from this list but whose presence in my blog life are special to me.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with a new challenge. Hope you’ll join me.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

17 thoughts on “A Shift Towards Recovery

  1. Yes, a shift of perspective is necessary at different stages of one’s life and a revelation is always welcomed. Having a creative voice is a wonderful feeling. Thank-you for your lovely commentary next to my blog link. ❤

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  2. Oh, VJ! This is a keeper: “Recovery, isn’t about the cure; it’s about the shift in perspective – the ability to find purpose in the midst of struggle, and the willingness to ride out the challenge. It has a lot to do with attitude.”

    Thank you. I am taking your words and applying to my emotional response to senseless killings (again!) in Texas … I need to shift my perspective to understand what the message/directive for me is – what can I do?

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  3. This fabulous post was just the message I needed–if I didn’t believe there was intentional and good purpose in my struggle, the despair would finally imprison and do me in. In my opinion it’s incumbent upon us, if we are even slightly able, to look for a spot where we can shine. The shift in perspective you mention is crucial, so beneficial. Thanks for including me in the round up…I’m glad I can usually be an encouragement, even in my wry humor 🙂

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  4. Enjoyed every word and VJ – you sure do have lots to give and the truth is that we might not have every gotten this side of you had you not had to endure your chronic illness
    And I am sorry for it –
    I have had to battle symptoms of Lyme (2014) caught it early but hen had a seafood parasite and my gut was burdened – anyhow – I do know how life gets sidelined and I know a thing or two about overcoming – and cheers to those of us who “still have more to give”

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      1. It sure did come through!
        And the funny thing is – we likely ya e more to offer!
        Life interrupted and being sidelined changes things!
        Once in a while I have a setback for a day or two – but because I caught stuff early – and then a few other factors – I am almost 100% – but long road
        Anyhow – I imagine the lady that pulled up – and well-
        Sometimes life just gets to
        Much richer when we have angst – our definition of success sure changes!
        And I felt that contented vibe here

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