V.J.'s Weekly Challenge #89: imaginary

Fresh air was the remedy yesterday. From six feet apart, we greeted our neighbours.

“How are you keeping?,” I asked a widow.

“Well thank goodness for the cat,” she said. “Am missing my husband, but I do talk to him regularly.” And then realizing how that sounded, she added: “His picture, you know.”

I get it. We do what we can to survive. Ric has stocked the garage with groceries and supplies. When we need something, we call out: “Going shopping!”

Pippi just now whined at me because her brother was in her bed. “Make him get out,” she cried.

“Seriously?” I responded. “You can lie on the couch or snuggle up with Dad or me.”

She’d have none of it. So I grabbed one of those big floor pillows and pulled it up beside her bed. “Here,” I offered. “Lie here.”

Toby immediately exited the bed and claimed the pillow. Pippi jumped into bed. Ric and I roared with laughter.

They are dogs after all.

If ever there was a time for creative thinking, it is now. I’m even thinking about bringing my imaginary friend out of the closet – haven’t seen him since I was ten.

The word this week is imaginary. Respond in which ever way the muse moves you. Looking forward to your responses.

43 thoughts on “V.J.'s Weekly Challenge #89: imaginary

  1. Well, this had me cracking up too about the dogs, lol! Sometimes we don’t give them enough credit I think. You mentioned your imaginary friend..my daughter had one of those. And boy, does she have a story! I think I’ll borrow it for this prompt.😊


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