The Dominos Are Falling

A local business owner returned from a trip South, and went back to work, his thoughts no doubt wrapped up in the running of his store. Two days he worked, ignoring the fatigue. He blamed it on the stomach bug he’d picked up while away. Day three he decided to get checked out at our local hospital.

All routine stuff.

Until it wasn’t.

While in emergency care, his health declined. They decided to test for COVID-19 even though he didn’t display the symptoms. He had it.

He was transported to a hospital that can deal with his concerns. At time of transport, he was in serious condition. Currently, he is critical.

Meanwhile, a second case, related to the first, has popped up.

Our town is now under a state of emergency. All non-essential businesses and recreational programs are shut down.

The dominoes are falling.

Stay safe out there people. Better short-term discomfort than long-term suffering and loss.

We can do this!


Thanks to all who participated this week. Please visit the original post to read contributions in the comments box.

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