This Is More Than Personal

A movie might be just the panacea we need to escape this current state of malaise. Our middle daughter and son-in-law dropped by with kids and we had a porch to curb-side visit – hard not to hug, but so good to hear those little voices in person. Now that they have left, I feel both warmed and anxious – missing the rest of our clan.

The movie is about a family whose son is killed in a car accident. (The Greatest). His girlfriend shows up on their doorstep three months later, pregnant with his child.

We don’t usually watch movies. I tend to get bored and move onto something else. A mother thing, I suppose – always doing. But I make myself sit for this one. I’m okay until the young girl goes into labour.

I’m bawling my eyes out watching a movie about a woman giving birth and I can’t even go to my baby who is suffering, I text my eldest daughter whose health remains a concern.

Oh Momma, she responds.

Why don’t we drive to you and visit like your sister did.

I couldn’t bear it, not hugging you.

This damned virus is a test of the human spirit. Moments like this, I’d give my life to help my child, but then I remember that my death would serve nothing, and it is certain with my health I’d never survive this disease.

So I’m spending a lot of time in prayer, and I am transported to a broader perspective. It is not just my family that is struggling, but millions of other families worldwide. We are united in an altered reality of fear and suffering, and now more than ever in need of a consciousness that puts humanity above all else.

This week, ‘transported‘ has been the focus, and I thank each of you for sharing:

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See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

10 thoughts on “This Is More Than Personal

  1. Positive thoughts matter.

    Hope you get to see your family members, even if from a distance.

    Here, public transport operations have been suspended. Cars with more than two occupants are stopped. People in essential services have been given passes.

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