Heart Warmed

Hi Mrs Knutson,
Hope you are well!
I saw that you and your husband
are hosting a family of refugees
from Ukraine….

The writer of this message attended a school where I once taught. He was not a student of mine, but I did coach the boys’ soccer team, with this young man’s help and direction (he was our star player).

…As they get settled in over the next few months
I wonder if I may be of some assistance...”

Although we have not seen each other in over a decade, he reached out to me to offer tickets to a sporting event. I could barely respond through my tears.

“Not a problem, happy to do a small part.
This world could use a little more kindness, right?”

There is goodness in the world. Thank you S. In my mind, you are still a star.

(This post was prescheduled to appear today. Sunday, we received news of a death in the family. I will be closing comments for a few days until we get things sorted out. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.)

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