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The Past is Calling

“A rolling stone,” my father used to tell me, “gathers no moss.” Is that a good thing, or a bad thing, I often wondered.  It certainly defined his life, and seems to have become a fair portrait of my own. “Never look back!”  was another favoured expression.  This is harder […]

Cutie Duck

“Did you know that I am a big sister?” three-and-a-half-year-old Sloane is quick to offer to anyone she comes into contact with. If asked her sister’s name, she quickly replies:  “I call her Cutie Duck”. Small for her age, Sloane has wispy, white blonde hair, big brown eyes, and talks […]

…And, Crash!

I have overextended myself this week.  It was a conscious choice, and for some unfathomable reason, I thought that I could pull it off.   I was, of course, wrong, and now I pay the price. ME/CFS is characterized by exhaustion after exertion: any exertion, be it physical, mental, or emotional.   […]

Retail Therapy Revisited

A younger version of myself loved to shop – shoes, clothing, or anything on sale that I thought would brighten my life, at that moment.  “At that moment” we all know to be the key to impulsive buying and what retailers count on.  Credit card companies also love the retail […]

Meal Planning Mayhem Managed

We have a food dilemma.  My body is so sensitive to what I put in it that  every time I make poor choices, I suffer.  While the solution may look simple from the outside, it is not.  These are the challenges we’ve been facing: I prefer a vegetable based diet, […]

Shopping 2016

“If I could write a prescription for lifestyle changes,” my doctor told us on the day of my diagnosis, “I would say no Costco, or any big box stores for the next two years, and only twenty minutes tops for groceries.” If you are a Costco addict like me, you […]

Sitcom Potential?

I’m seeing it now as a sitcom, you know 22 minute vignettes in which the ordinary becomes the absurd. Episode One:  The Preparations Are Mighty     As departure time draws near, Ric’s paper plans have overtaken the house.  Meanwhile, VJ, unable to get out of bed, is trying to direct a […]