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Composing Poetry

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  my technique for creating a poem.

First, I pluck an image from the Dreamtime:

…trying to break the door down, mermaid legs….

th-1Then, I pull the words apart, like petals from the flower and line them up in a column:

to break
the door


Next, I set the dream aside, and bring the individual words into the now, assigning “top of the head” associations to each one:

trying – difficult, attempting, pulling
to break – severe, destroy, shatter
the door –  entrance, passage, barricade
down – descending, out, blue
mermaid –  mythical, fantasy, ocean bound
legs – support, movement, progress

Then I put the words back together, assembling three new messages:

difficult severe entrance descending mythical support
attempting destroy passage out fantasy movement
pulling shatter barricade blue ocean bound progressclay_block_210r-563x563

Finally, I sit with this new, raw material, as an artist would with a block of clay and wait for it to call to me.

It may take a little more finagling, but with patience and time, a poem is born.

To see the finished product visit Mermaid Dreams 


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V.J. Knutson

Writer, avid reader, former educator, and proud grandmother, currently experiencing life through the lens of ME/CFS. Words are, and always have been, a lifeline. Some of the best adventures, I'm discovering, take place in the imagination.

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