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How to Write a Poem

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
How to Write a Poem Learn to curse in three languages. When midday yawns stack high and your eyelids flutter, fire up the chain saw; there’s always something to dismember. Make it new. Fear no bridges. Accelerate through curves, and look twice before…

How Illness Improved my Writing

It’s no mystery that stripped of all obligations and confined to a bed provides the coveted time to pursue writing skills, however; it is the actual experience of illness (in my case ME/CFS) that provides the platform for expansion.  Although I have been a ‘writer’ since my early years, the […]

Blogs I Count On

Every morning, I open my email to find a slew of new messages indicating that my fellow bloggers have been busy.  Typically, I scroll through and prioritize.  These are a few of my must reads: Soul Gatherings is my first go-to place.  Theresa offers a dose of daily inspiration served […]

Why Write Poetry

First, a disclaimer:  I am in no way an authority on poetry; it is just something I happen to do… a lot.  In fact, my original blog, One Woman’s Quest, is dedicated to my poetic escapades. A cancer scare prompted me to start writing a blog in the first place […]

A Tapestry of Poems

I write poetry.   I play with images conjured up while sleeping, until a message appears.  (I describe this process in an earlier post:  Composing Poetry. )  I’ve noticed that the dreams, and consequently the poems, will follow a particular theme, and I thought it might be interesting to introduce the poems […]

Composing Poetry

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  my technique for creating a poem. First, I pluck an image from the Dreamtime: …trying to break the door down, mermaid legs…. Then, I pull the words apart, like petals from the flower and line them up in a column: […]

Determining Audience

“Who is the audience?” As an English teacher I often asked this question, to which many students would reply: “Everyone.” Everyone, of course, is not the correct answer, but I understand how difficult it is to define such as elusive entity as ‘audience’. “Imagine,” I would invite them, “that you just […]

Not Ready For Prime Time

Asked my daughter-in-law for help concerning my blogs.  What are the next steps?  How should I increase readership?  Should I be doing something different?   I always feel like I’m somehow out of step, and writing has kept me going these past years since disability has knocked me down. “I’m thinking that […]

Pestilence of Words

Words, like crickets, leap from my mind – chirping pests whose trajectory eludes my dulled reflexes, scuttling around the periphery of my awareness. Harmless, really, in the singular; a cacophony in multitudes threatening to multiply further and rob me of this semblance of sanity. I must intuit their rhythm, define the notes in workable […]