Sunday At The Park

We’ve fallen into the habit of eating our big meal mid-day, and quite often out.  While in Texas, we discovered Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen which offers menu items that appeal to both our palates.  So, Sunday, we decided to look for a Cheddar’s.

parkstatuePhoenix is surrounded by smaller communities which look like a patchwork quilt on the map.  Further west and south of us is a place called Chandler.  After our late lunch we looked for a park where we could wander and maybe catch some birds.  The Desert Breeze Park turned out to be the perfect spot.

I love this statue located at the entry gates to the park.  The children look so lifelike.


proudduckBuilt around a water feature, this little park boasted a child-sized train and several playgrounds as well as picnic areas.  We decided to walk away from the crowds and skirt the pond, and as it was a lovely day, we were able to take our time and stop on park benches frequently.  It made for a perfect afternoon and we did manage to see our first Ring-necked duck.  This little fellow was sitting amongst Mallards and seemed to be quite proud of himself.  I can hardly blame him as  his bill is rather spectacular and his hairdo very chic.

MallardsWe get plenty of Mallard ducks at home, and questioned each couple we saw as to whether or not they were the pair that landed on our pool, back in Canada, each spring. The ducks were putting on quite a show for us – lots of males fighting for female attention, but this couple seemed quite compatible swimming off by themselves.


DesertBreezePkGrackles were very noisy all along the path demanding to be seen.  I did catch this female checking out a little water feature on the side.  She is perched just at the top of a little waterfall.   I love the way the light is reflected on the water in this image.

We also saw a big hulk of a bird that I have not identified.  I was too far away and the sun was too bright behind, but the beak resembles that of a bird of prey.

All in all, it was a perfect day, although all the families with kids playing sure made me miss ours.

Next stop:  Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

9 thoughts on “Sunday At The Park

  1. Delightful post! Latest National Geographic magazine has a section on bird intelligence – the term “bird-brain” meaning “not-smart” is woefully off. Some birds are smarter than others, of course. The article didn’t talk about ducks. But yes, birds remember places and even people in those places who have befriended them.

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    1. I read that birds have facial recognition and can tell the helpers from the hinderers. This was certainly true back at home. Our birds never flinched when we came into the back yard and would flock around Ric as he filled the feeders. So interesting.

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