Texting Love

hi grandma i miss you so mach i am so excited

The text came unexpectedly, one Saturday morning.  It was clearly from our granddaughter, Finn.

to see you, the message continued, my mom and me are so glad you will cane back

Finn is six and in grade 1.  Her mom did tell me she is top of her class in reading.  I assumed Mom was on the other end, encouraging her.  Her mother had given her an old phone and set her up with an email account, but this was the first time I’d ever received a text.

Hi Finn!  I miss you too. Can’t wait to hug you.

Me to

readingtogmafunkyI told her we’d be home in a couple of months and we exchanged heart emojis.  Later, her mother told me she’d been busy in the kitchen and hadn’t realized what her daughter was up to.  She didn’t even know there was any data on the phone.

Then this morning, this:

i love you

I love you too, Finn.  What are you doing today?

we are going to see a wrinkle in time

I shared that it was my favourite and we messaged about the book and how she’d like to read it.

Later, I get a text from her mother:

I hear that you are a fan of “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Seems my granddaughter has mastered the art of texting all by herself.

A few hours later, she FaceTimed me, and we chatted for quite a bit before she read me a book.

What a heart-warming thing to be on the receiving end of the the next generation of techies.


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