VJWC #2: Synchronicity Part I

An orange flash dipped in front of the truck, with no time to veer.  We arrived at our destination to find a Baltimore oriole embedded in the front grill.  I was heartbroken.

At any other time, the appearance of an oriole would be auspicious.  Usually showing up in pairs, these birds arrive in summer and bring with them such cheer.  This is the first oriole I have seen this year, and the circumstance is horrific.

sparrowmarkingsCall it superstitious, but I’ve always believed birds are messengers.  It’s a relationship I established as a young child, when locked outside of my house for hours on end.  I would wander through the back woods, and commune with an invisible force I called Mother.  Times when I felt afraid or anxious, I would ask Mother to send me a sign, and little birds would land at my feet bringing reassurance.

Decades later, when my marriage of seventeen years ended abruptly, and I was falling apart, I pulled into a parking lot one day and put my head down on the steering wheel to weep.  I said a prayer to God to help me find the strength to go on, and when I raised my head all around me were birds.

Birds bring me joy, and an undefinable sense of comfort, and to know that we were the cause of this beautiful bird’s end leaves me with a sense of foreboding.  Is something off?  Is this a warning?

A spiritual teacher, who taught me much about the ways of nature, once said that if a bird sacrifices its own life to bring a message, then it is important to pay attention.  I like to be pragmatic, and would think this just a sad coincidence, but the oriole is a bird that means something to me, and I can’t help but think of its mate, now woefully left behind.  It echoes my own fear about losing my mate.

NewlywedsAt the very least, this incidence serves to help me face my fears.  Ric meets with the oncologist, his family doctor, and another specialist this month.  In a few weeks we will know how he is faring.  Since 2012, he has gone through treatment for stage III cancer, and triple bypass surgery after surviving two heart attacks.  Concern is inevitable.

I am the one who put forward the challenge to be on the lookout for synchronicity in our lives.  Makes it hard to ignore this one.

I’ll keep you posted.

(V.J.’s weekly challenge #2 is synchronicity.  Featured image is actually an Altamira Oriiole, taken in Texas.  The last image is Ric & I on our wedding day.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

11 thoughts on “VJWC #2: Synchronicity Part I

  1. Fascinating story. A few years ago my former boss told me about the messages that birds have brought into her life when she hiked with her husband about a work situation that was causing her problems. It was incredibly meaningful and foretold what was going to happen. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time, but now instances of synchronicity show up in my life all the time. Take care VJ, I hope this community offers you the support you need and then some!

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  2. VJ… Your oriole friend did bring a message to each of us. I just spent time here telling you about a “leaf moment” and lost it all when I tried to post it. (crazy log-ins). I found my synchronicity posting through my response. I will work on that in a moment.

    For now…for you… I love your heart. Know that we have a Creator who looks after the birds, you and your husband. In our sad and fearful moments, messages do come to us in unexpected ways. A while back, I had a leaf moment where the leaves fell like snowflakes touching my face, my arms and my heart. It was a day where sadness and grief was overwhelming. As I walked and prayed and cried and got mad, the leaves began to fall…all these beautifully colored leaves. They held such hope and possibility in that moment. I was in such awe as I stood there in the woods, all alone, yet not really alone. Even now, tears come just remembering that moment. The message I got that day and even now for you…letting go and releasing sadness and fear is difficult, but we are never alone in the woods. The beauty of hope and all the possibilities lie in the leaves and in the birds song as they touch your face, your ears, your sight. Cry as you need to, mourn as you need to but know that you are not alone. Your oriole friend left a message for each of us reading your post. Thank you for sharing your heart and your moment. It was a reminder to me …hope and possibility lies in our moments captured. We are never alone.

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    1. You have brought tears to my eyes with this sweet response. I hope you will post it and link to the challenge page. You are so right – I have been blessed with so many ‘numinous’ moments, and yet, at times, forget. When we open ourselves to the miraculous, it answers. There is more to this story, still formulating. Bless you.

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